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7 Crunchy Parenting Topics That Are Highly Debated ...

By Jordin

Do you know what crunchy parenting topics are? If you have never heard of crunchy parenting, then read on to learn a few of the definitions for crunchy parenting! I’m not here to say whether or not you should employ either of these methods with your baby; that is a personal decision. I would like to throw a few crunchy parenting topics out there for your consideration, as many new parents are ill informed when it comes to their options, and yes, rights, as a parent. Below are my top picks for highly debated crunchy parenting topics!

1 Breastfeeding versus Bottle-feeding

Probably one of the most popular crunchy parenting topics of all is breastfeeding versus bottle-feeding. In my experience there are benefits to both! Mothers who breastfeed tend to be very passionate about breastfeeding. Mothers who bottle-feed are sometimes looked down on by breastfeeding mothers. This is one topic that can get heated!

2 Homeschooling versus Public Schooling

Crunchy parents tend to view homeschooling as the better option, but that’s not to say that parents who send their children to a public school are throwing their children’s education out the window. I was homeschooled, and my husband went to public school. There are benefits and downsides to both options. Do your research and learn to balance the scales!

3 Co-sleeping versus Crib Sleeping

I have several close friends who co-sleep. Likewise, I have some other friends who crib-sleep. Both of them think they are doing the best thing for their child, and you know what? They are! Parenting is a tough thing, and every family has to make their own decisions.

4 Vaccinating versus Non-vaccinating

Here is another topic that can quickly escalate. Should you vaccinate or not? I strongly advise you to look into it as deeply as you can. This is a decision that you truly need to make for yourself and not let peer pressure dictate your answer. Again, there are benefits to both sides, although in some situations or locations around the world, the risks may outweigh benefits or vice-versa.

5 Cloth Diapering versus Disposables

Do you feel like going green? Or would you prefer having less laundry? Cloth diapers versus disposable diapers isn’t a life-altering decision, but it’s one that each family should make for themselves. Cloth diapers have some awful cute covers, but disposables can be a smidge easier than cloth.

6 Babywearing versus Strollers

I was surprised to learn that some people are strongly against babywearing! I was also equally surprised to learn that some mothers feel that putting your baby in a stroller instead of wearing them can have impacts on their emotional health. I have used baby carriers and baby strollers; both have their time and place. But this topic is strongly debated in the world of crunchy parenting.

7 Cry It out versus Constant Soothing

Many parents feel that leaving their baby to cry it out is cruel; others say that it’s the only thing that works for them. Again, I offer no personal opinion on this subject, but if you choose to constantly soothe your baby or let your baby cry it out, make sure you do your research on the effects of both methods.

The great thing about parenting is that there are so many options available, and you can make informed choices by doing your research. But, as with anything else, you will learn as you go. What works for one family may not work as great for another family. Which of these highly debated crunchy parenting topics have you heard of before?

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