7 Clever and Thoughtful Ways to Connect with Your Mom ...

It's important to find ways to connect with your mom if you're fortunate enough to have her in your life. I wasn't always close to my mom but we are now in a beautiful place in our relationship. I think it was hard for me to see my parents as people, if that makes sense. But the older I'm getting, my eyes and heart have really opened to see them for who they truly are. I am sharing a few ways to connect with your mom that helped me connect with mine.

1. Talk

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It may sound obvious but one of the top ways to connect with your mom is to talk to her. You can't be afraid to talk to your mom about what is on your mind and in your heart. If you feel like she won't listen to you, try starting the conversation out with something like, "Mom, I really need to talk to you and I really need you to listen to me please." Unless she has serious issues (and that's possible), your mom should take you seriously and hopefully hear what you have to say. Once you have some of the harder conversations with your mom, you will probably find it easier to have everyday regular conversations with your mom.

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