8 Best after School Activites for You Kids ...


8 Best after School Activites for You Kids ...
8 Best after School Activites for You Kids ...

As parents we all want to best for our kids. So you may wonder what the best after school activities are for your children. Don’t worry I have put together an amazing list of the best after school activities to help you find one for your child.

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If you have a little one that loves to draw and paint look into art classes at your local community center. Even some colleges have art programs for children. This is one of the best after school activities for hands on creative kids.



My daughter has been a fan of dancing even before she was able to walk. I knew dance would be one of the best after school activities for her. Dance classes are very popular. Many studios offer a large variety of dance types. The studio we currently attend offers ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, clogging and modern dance.



I think it is awesome when children of any age can play a musical instrument. We have several friends who’s children play guitar, piano, or sing. These children are show incredible discipline and patience as they learn how to play the instrument and how to read music.



Scouting is a great way for girls and boys to increase confidence and learn leadership skills. I think scouting is one of the best after school activities because it covers so many different skills and activities. Your child will learn many new things and gain new experiences.



Of course some kids need a little more action. Sports are one of the best after school actives to get kids moving and burning calories. No matter what sport you choose your child learns to work as team and gain hand-eye coordination.



Swimming is another great after school activity. If you have a kid that loves the water, why not give swimming a try? You can either enroll your child in swim lessons so they can learn the importance of water safety and proper swim techniques or you can look for a swim team in your area and let your child compete.



Karate is one of the best after school activities because it teaches kids so many different things. Your child learns self-defense, leadership, and control. One of my favorite things about karate is many parents can take classes with their children. It becomes one of the best after school activities for the entire family.



Chess is a mental game and very challenging. I was surprised to see it offered as an after school activity for elementary students at my daughter’s school. I don’t even know how to play Chess, but these little kids are really good.

It’s important to consider your child’s likes and dislikes when looking for the best after school actives. If you have a boy that is rowdy and just wants run, art class is not going to be a good fit. He is more likely to enjoy soccer or some other sport. What are some of the best after school activities for kids that you have found? What does your child enjoy?

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