7 Effective Potty Training Methods for Busy Parents ...

Potty Training seems practically impossible when I'm working full-time, going to school, trying to maintain a household, and be a Mom all in one! My schedule gets booked within minutes of my eyes opening for the morning. But, I learned a few potty training methods that I would like to share with my fellow busy parents that helped me tremendously!

1. Demonstrate

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Kids learn from what they see, so by showing my son how to correctly go to the bathroom and in a timely manner, it not only encourages him to go, but it also lets me take the time to bond with my child even with a busy schedule. Don't do the potty dance, then rush into the bathroom at the last second... this is one potty training tip I don't recommend!

2. Communication

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I don't know how all parents schedules are but, for my Husband and I, we took "shifts" on potty training. When I would be home with my Son I would continue our one routine that both my Husband and I used. And, when my Husband came home from work and it was my turn to leave for work or do errands. I communicated with my Husband and we kept tabs on how far we got in our training. And, did what method worked, what didn't work.

3. Repetition

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Another key to potty training is repetition. With my busy schedule its hard to do things extensively but, making the time to repeat this important step would make potty training easier. I would take my 2 year old every thirty minutes to go to the bathroom, even though my Pediatrician said an hour or an hour an half would also work, I was nervous for the "accidents" that may occur. I was just being proactive. But, it worked!

4. Pants-less

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I normally wouldn't let my kids run around without pants again for fear of having "accidents" until I realized accidents are inevitable when you are potty training. So, I say let them be free! Take those pants or shorts off and let them run freely in underwear! Let them embrace the freedom of being able to do the motions of removing underwear and putting them back on. Especially if I'm busy doing other things, this is easy when needing to take the kids to the toilet.

5. Encourage

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As a parent one of the greatest and easiest methods I used is "encourage," this by far is my favorite method. By, encouraging them to use the bathroom, and to congratulate them is an amazing feeling. Potty training will have its hits and misses, but, when they go correctly - applaud. When they have an accident, correct and encourage.

6. Take a Break

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At some point in my life, I do have to take a break. A break from work, the chaos, the madness, and just be a Mom. Those breaks I utilize to spend time with my Son and effectively complete his potty training. I normally do all my training on my days off, but, hey as a Parent I don't get time off, so that means work on training.

7. Laugh at It

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That's right, you read it right! I said, laugh at it! Sometimes potty training can be overwhelming and one of my Husband's favorite methods was to laugh. For sure I made mistakes while potty training, and I know with the plethora of accidents I had, sometimes the best way to go was laugh and try again.

I know some of these methods don't seem up to par, but, these methods worked for my boy. I want to know what methods worked best for you and your child? Do you have any methods you would like to share? Let me know!

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