7 Reasons to Get Your Kids to do Chores ...

By Alison

Do you wonder how to get your kids to do chores? Or do they complain that it's not fair when you expect them to help out? It's more than reasonable that kids should help out around the house; even younger kids are capable of doing simple chores. Unless you want your offspring to grow up thinking that everything should be done for them, get them to do their share as early as possible. Here's some reasons why you should get your kids to do chores …

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They're Capable

There are lots of arguments why you should get your kids to do chores. Let's start with the fact that they're perfectly capable of doing their bit and helping out! Raising lazy kids does neither them nor you any good (and their future spouse/roommates won't thank you either). So give younger kids easy tasks and as they get older, they can tackle slightly more complicated chores.


You're Not Their Slave

Being a mom does not mean that you should do all the household jobs. You're not your family's slave. Mom often ends up doing things because otherwise they don't get done at all. If you haven't started your kids off early, then it's time to get tough. Your kids may not like the new regime, but that's too bad! And if you start early, then they'll be used to doing their share and won't complain … much.


Teaches Them Cooperation

No man is an island, and your kids will have to spend their adult life working, living and dealing with other people. We've all had to suffer an annoying roommate who doesn't do their share of cleaning, or a coworker who doesn't pull their weight. Don't let your kids grow up with that attitude. Doing chores may not seem significant, but it teaches them to cooperate with others.


Share the Load

Families create a lot of work, and if you do everything yourself it will take up all your spare time. Plus you'll feel pretty resentful. Get your family to share the chores with you, and the burden on you will be much reduced. After all, they're helping to create the laundry and dirty dishes, so they should help in cleaning them!


Chores Don't do Themselves

Kids can rather take it for granted that dinner appears on the table and that the wardrobe is refilled with clean clothes. The sooner they learn that these things do not happen by magic, the better. They need to start helping out from early on (even small children can assist you with little chores).

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A family is basically a form of communal living, to which everyone needs to make their contribution. Otherwise the work is distributed unfairly. Each family member needs to play their part in keeping the house tidy (or relatively so!) and clean. What's more, the days are long gone when girls helped their moms and boys did nothing, so sons and daughters can do equal shares!


Good Practice

Teaching your kids from early on that they have to participate in household chores will be excellent training for their future independence. Unfortunately, many young adults still arrive at college without any idea how to cook or use a washing machine. Start when they're young, and they'll be well used to looking after themselves by the time they leave home.

Many parents find it easier to give up trying to get their kids to help out. Don't be one of them! If you haven't yet taught them to help out, insist that they start now. Be firm, and don't let them get away with refusing. Ignore whining, complaints, and "It's not fair!" But of course it's a lot easier if you get them used to it when they're young. What do you think of "paying" kids to do chores - does it teach them a work ethic, or is it wrong to reward them for something they should do anyway?

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I agree %100 ... I mean paying them? Sure why not... Me and my younger brotherI got paid $10 every week to do chores. It's like a job... You give a little you get a little. It teaches them that with hard work always come a reward. Working hard at mc Donald's or any other job gives you the reward of a pay check. Don't do your chores then you don't get paid for that week. :-)

I wish my parents paid me to do chores. I don't ask for a lot, just 5$ a week. I do laundry a lot, but they said that its something I should do anyway, but I still want some motive

I disagree with #1, as not all children are capable. My ASD daughter is not capable of doing chores on her own, even simple things! But with our help, then sometimes she can get one done! I still try with her, but she's extremely low functioning!

Also should be titled '7 reasons to teach your roommates to do chores'

I absolutely agree 100% true and that's what i exactly used to tell my husband

I agree and I do pay my children to do things outside their personal chores... But with every payday comes a lesson in savings and a trip to the bank

I wish my parents made me and my siblings do chores. We'd probably be neater and care about the house a lot more. My neighbours kid, 4, does everything he's told and is such a caring and helpful little brother. And he doesn't complain since he's used to helping out. Cute.