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8 Ways to Be Involved in Your Child's Life ...

By Jordin

If you’re a parent, you should know ways to be involved in your child’s life! Most people might think that being involved comes naturally, but this isn’t always the case. Due to awkward situations, broken relationships, or just being a first-time parent, it can be hard finding the balance between being involved and being overly involved. Here are my tips and ways to be involved in your child’s life, so keep reading!

1 Make the Effort

Of all the ways to be involved in your child’s life, making an effort is crucial. It’s not always going to be easy, there will be days when you feel stressed or feel like you don’t have time to make it to their ballet recitals or soccer games. You have to make an effort, and make it happen!

2 Set Aside Specific Time for Your Child

An easy way to be involved in your child’s life is to set aside specific time each week to spend one on one time with your child. It could be on a lunch break or maybe at bedtime. Make sure you keep the focus on your child, talk with him or her about things that are going in in their life. This shows your child that they are special to you!

3 Remember Things That Are Important

Things that are important to kids may not matter so much to adults, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to be involved for your child’s sake. Make sure to remember things like birthdays, graduations, recitals, or any other function your child is involved with. Kids need to know that their parents are excited about their accomplishments, and this is a great way to cheer them on!

4 Listen to Your Child

No matter what age your child is, they will always come to you to talk about situations in their life IF you make the effort from the very beginning to show that you are interested and really listen to them. Learn to read between the lines. Kids, and especially teens, may not always come right out and say what they are feeling.

5 Be Supportive

Everyone in the world wants someone to notice them, someone to say “hey, great job!” This is called a support system, and your kids will automatically look to you, their parent, to be their support system! Even if you don’t understand or particularly enjoy the sport or the decisions your child pursues in life, make your best effort to be supportive of them!

6 Don’t Skip Discipline

Discipline is actually an important and effective part of being involved in your child’s life! Here is why: Parents who don’t discipline their children and have talks with them explaining what they did wrong are sending their kids the message that they don’t care. So kids may get labeled as “troublemakers” simply because they keep pushing the rules and trying to do things to see if it catches your attention. This can cause problems down the road for your child socially as well as academically, so please don’t avoid having those difficult talks with your kids.

7 Get Involved with School Projects

School is an excellent way for parents to be involved with their kids! Attend parent teacher conferences. Show interest in what your kids are learning. Help with homework and projects. Encourage them in their grades. And be present at school functions or programs when possible!

8 Never Laugh at Your Child

As the parent, you are the sole source of encouragement that your child needs the most. There’s a difference between chuckling at something cute your little one says and flat out laughing at mistakes or ideas your kids have. Try to avoid laughing at or making fun of your child in any scenario!

Being involved in your child’s life is a big deal. If at all possible, try to be available on all levels. Just don’t push a teenager, otherwise you could seem nosy and further drive your child away. Keep the balance healthy; remember that kids do need some time without you to become independent. In what ways are you involved in your child’s life?

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