7 Facts about Only Children Parents Should Know ...


7 Facts about Only Children Parents Should Know ...
7 Facts about Only Children Parents Should Know ...

How many facts about only children do you know? While we all know that older children tend to be bossy and younger children may be more intelligent, there’s been significantly less reporting about studies on only children. With over 40% of women stating that they may only have one child, it’s an area we should all know more about – here’s the leading facts about only children you should know.

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You’ll Need More Playdates…

Families with more than one child can be pretty sure that their child has socializing down – after all, siblings have to learn to play, share and put up with each other from an early age. So it’s no real surprise that one of the key facts about only children is that they’ll need more playdates to develop those socialization habits. While your little one might get along great with adults, they need plenty of time around children too. Whether it’s team sports, playdates with other mums or play groups, you’ll want to get involved with a few regular activities.


You’ll Become a Kid’s TV Star…

You’ll Become a Kid’s TV Star… To a certain extent, children will entertain each other. From rolling balls at each other to teaching each other to draw or reading together, siblings have a whole other source of entertainment – but an only child just has you. Which will result in you becoming one of those super kid’s TV presenters who can make anything fun, and has a song for everything. Make it easy on yourself by mixing the day up into dolls, creative activities like Play-Doh, outdoor time and TV time.


You’ll Get More Done…

You’ll Get More Done… Planning things is much easier with just one child. Once they start school or are old enough for sleepovers, you’ll have a big period of time to yourself, and even before then you’ll find that other people will happily look after just one child. How hard can one little one be?! Not as tough as three, that’s for sure.


There is Some Guilt…

There is Some Guilt… No doubt plenty of people will find it necessary to comment on your family, and inform that you’ve still got time to have another child – and you’d be completely right to ignore them, and stick to the family size that suits you. But when your little one meets a baby, expect questions and sad eyes. My little sister once told me that her birthday wish was for a little brother! Some guilt in these circumstances is natural, and completely expected.


Only Children Blossom…

That’s not to say that big families don’t, but the maths is simple. When there are more children in a family, the parents are spread thinner. With just one child, your little one will get the whole attention of their parents, and likely their grandparents too. And this does reflect in everything from homework ability to independence.


There’s Nothing to Dread…

So we’ve all heard how bad the terrible twos are, and nobody is looking forward to worrying about what time their 17 year old will get home, or that first time that your teenager skips curfew. But nothing seems quite so bad when you know you are only going through it once, and won’t be repeating it. There’s some wonderful moments, too – once you’ve lost your baby weight it’ll be gone for good, and once you’ve stopped buying nappies you’ll never need them again…


It’s Cheaper…if You do It Right

One recent study put the price of raising a child to 18 at a whopping $400,000, so it’s no wonder some families only want to pay out once. Having just one child can be a massive saving, even when considering that you can use some objects again and again. But be careful that you don’t splurge out of guilt – it won’t take many iPhones, cars or extravagant activities to completely negate the savings. This is one of the most unbelievable facts about only children: who knew they were so expensive?!

Of course, there are plenty of other interesting facts, too. Parents are much less likely to be consistent with only children, and typically give in to requests for toys or treats much easier. But in general, there is no difference between only children and those with 9 brothers – your parenting style should be the same, and any facts about only children are purely for interest! Do you have an only child? I’d love to know what you think!

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I have one daughter who is three right now, she is in her "trying three" phase so adding another child into the picture doesn't seem reasonable at the moment especially when we want to wait a few years before to have our second. I think having a few years apart isn't a bad thing especially since we want to enjoy her early years and remember them.

I haven't done any official research but from what I've seen heard and experience only children are extremely likely to be selfish, extremely self centered and act like they are entitled to everything.

Having siblings develops important additional skills for kids. Xxx

I am an only child as my mum wasn't able to have more children. She always told me I was her miracle and she was right as my dad turned into a horrible person so from the start of my teens it was just mum and I, in turn she is also my miracle! I had everything I needed and something's I "wanted" I never went without anything. I was raised to be great full to have appreciation and to be thoughtful. I think the only child stereotype is a joke. If you raise your child to be a spoilt brat that is how their personality will form and they will be like that as adults. Not all of us "only children" are as horrible as we're made out to be. I have one beautiful little boy of my own and I am having another child due later this year. I wanted him to have a sibling because I wanted him to have the friendship I never was able to have and I will raise them both the way my mum raised me.

I am so happy I had two, a girl and a boy very close together...they are 25 and 26 now and still are each other's best friend ..they never had that sibling rivalry stuff you hear about..Anything good, bad, happy or sad that happens to them, they share with each other first...I always told them that other friends will come and go in their lives, but they will always have each other...and no one else can share the "remember when.." about their childhoods as they get older..

The most annoying are the comments from other patents about how you need to have another child. My one child was easy from the get go. He turned 15 today, so gentle kind, independent, smart with lots of friends, very social. I made sure he got involved with other kids since he was a toddler. No terrible 2's either. No teen tantrums. Love my small family.

I was only blessed with one child. (2 miscarriages after her birth). Being a single mom it was certainly easier only having one. My daughter is now 23, married and a wonderful mother. When she was growing up she was not selfish, jealous or needy. I think a lot of these things depend upon how they are raised and the child himself. I was given guilt trips constantly for "not giving her a brother or sister". But I can honestly say one was perfect for me. I'm so happy she was such a good child and a joy to raise.

One child is definitely not for me lol. I adore children, and call me crazy but I want at least 4 kids :b

I feel like an only child at times, even though I have an older brother and sister. We had lots of fun together as kids, and I remember being close with my sister :) after she went overseas for yearly trips though I feel like I've missed out on lots of communication and what happens in her world.. Makes me a bit sad! My brother lives interstate "in the wild" as my folks like to say, but it's very hard to get to him by means of phone and email.. Hmm I wish my family had more of a close relationship together. We're all so different and spread out, with so many different experiences. Makes me think a bit!

I have an only child and she's amazing-obvs ...she's a little spoilt but has the kindest/gentlest nature and shares beautifully ( better then some of her friends with siblings actually) she also socialises perfectly. I do worry about her missing out a little as she has no siblings but we couldn't afford for her to do classes after school etc if we had another....she's amazingly well rounded, polite, confident....a little bugger sometimes , but not having a sibling has not affected her. I am a middle child and never had anything new, got ignored etc she won't suffer that!

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