8 Things Kids Can do to Help around the House ...


8 Things Kids Can do to Help around the House ...
8 Things Kids Can do to Help around the House ...

Looking for a few things kids can do to help around the house? Housework is a big load, especially if you have a large family or are a working mom, so here are a few things kids can do to help out around the house! You don’t want to put the responsibility of heavy chores on small tykes, but older kids can definitely do their share. And you can always pay reasonable prices as incentive to get your kids to help out! Read on for a few things kids can do to help around the house!

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Fold Laundry

One of the things kids can do to help around the house is folding laundry. Folding laundry is easy! You may want to stick with something simple, like towels or their own clothes, but folding laundry is an easy chore that kids can do with minimal help. Just supervise when it’s time to put the clothes away to ensure they go in their proper places!


Pick up Toys

Any mother with children knows that picking up toys seems to be a never-ending process! To cut back on the amount of time that you spend picking up toys, start having your kids pick up toys as a simple chore they can accomplish! Make it a game to see who gets more toys picked up the fastest among siblings!


Put Away Groceries

Of course, when putting away groceries, younger children may need supervision. But most kids know where stuff goes in their own kitchen, and you can make yourself available to offer direction should they need it. Carrying in groceries is something else that kids can help out with to get the job done faster!


Wipe off Counters

Keep a container of baby wipes or disinfecting wipes on hand at all times. They will come in handy for wiping up little spills and sticky spots throughout your house. And kids are great for this little chore! You can hand out a few wipes and instruct that all doorknobs, light switches, countertops, etc. be wiped down.



Dusting is a dreaded chore for most moms because it can be so time consuming. However, get your kids to pitch in and help! In no time at all, your place will be dust-free! Hand out dusting rags, and pre-moisten them with furniture polish. Sometimes kids can go wild with the cleaner, so you don’t want to find stains on your furniture from over-saturation!


Watch over Siblings

One thing that older kids can do a great job at is entertaining younger siblings! If you have something that you really need to get done, ask your older kids to play with your younger tots for a few minutes. Give them a special game or something to occupy their time. You should never leave young children alone or unattended in your home, but leaving them in the next room for a bit should be fine.


Put Away Dishes

Washing dishes may be a step your smaller kids aren’t ready to take yet, but putting away dishes will be manageable! Just start with plastic dishes, or pots and pans. Leave a chair out so that shorter kiddos can reach up to the higher cabinets without a problem.


Hang up Their Own Clothes

Try to teach your children to get in the habit of hanging up their own clothes when they take them off. If the clothes are dirty, they should go in the hamper right away. This prevents more pick-up for you later, and starts good habits at a young age!

If you have a teenager in your home, chores could take more responsibility for them. These chores are mainly geared towards grade school children, to get them in the habit of helping out! What types of things do you encourage your kids to do to help out around the house?

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