8 Ways to Train Your Children for the Future ...


8 Ways to Train Your Children for the Future ...
8 Ways to Train Your Children for the Future ...

I suppose you are wondering why I would even write an article concerning how to train children for the future, right? Frankly, times have changed, and the way things are simply aren't how they used to be. To top that off, it seems as if many of our children are being forgotten about when it comes to basic, everyday, common training. They need for be prepared for what is to come - our world depends on it! Here are my top 8 lessons to train children for the future.

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Take Care of Earth

Litter-bugs are everywhere! Trash piles up just about every place you go. Our children need to be trained that just like there is a place for everything at home, there is a place for everything out and about as well, and that includes trash. Show them that, while it may take 3 more steps, it is much better to go the extra step and throw the bottle in the trashcan than to throw it out of the window into the ditch on the way home. Teach them that it is important to pick up trash when they see it, rather than leaving it for "someone else" because "someone else" is usually "no one else." Our environment depends on how well we take care of it, so as you train children for the future, teach them to love our earth!



It has never hurt for a boy or girl to show manners while out in public, and it certainly will not hurt to continue. I fear, if we continue the path we are currently taking, 50 years from now (or even less, probably), manners will be something completely unheard of. Teach your boys to be gentlemen and your girls to be ladies. What if your son or daughter becomes president? Would you honestly want them acting like some of our teenagers and young adults act now? Why not teach your kids to sit down and eat at the table like civilized human beings? Why not teach your children to respect their elders and each other?



I know that our economy is in a rough spot and it's hard for some to hold a job because of that. I am completely aware of that. But are you aware that it is becoming a problem for many young adults to even hold a job? Some can't get out of bed at a decent hour because they have partied all night and are late to work so much they get fired. Others can't hold a job because they don't know what they are doing. And still yet, there are some who just don't care. Where would we be if everyone were that way? Where will we be if these workless kids have kids that will not work? Teach them that it is good to work and hold a job. Teach them good work ethics.


Good Decisions Count

Every action has a reaction. Every choice has a consequence. Will our future leaders understand this when they are making decisions that will affect our country? You could very well have a little senator, judge or congressman in your arms right now. You could even have a president! Will he or she know that every decision they make should be done only after carefully weighing the possible outcome? Will they know to stop and think before deciding?


Education is Important

Would you believe that there are teenagers that do not know that "1 dozen" is the same as "12"? I kid you not! You would be shocked to find out just how little our youth know today! Why? Because sports and entertainment have taken the place of education. Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't let your child be involved in sports, or watch television or anything like that. Just be sure to make sure that they are not so caught up in the extra things that they fail to learn the basics of education. Help them understand the importance of reading, writing and arithmetic. It is very important!


Eating Healthy

Obesity is on the rise in our country. Eating healthy, home-cooked meals are a thing of the past, for the most part. Remember and teach that greens are good for us, lots of healthy proteins and less of the snack foods, junk foods and things that are bad for us. Forget going for the "easy" all the time and focus on the "best" for you and your family. They will learn from you.


Debt is Dangerous

When you owe someone, you are basically a slave to them. Teach your children that debt is something that should be avoided as much as can be done. Teach them to work for things, rather than splurge on a credit card and go all out on things that they ultimately cannot afford. It seems to be the "norm" for people to go into credit card debt for what would equal almost half of their paycheck. One of the greatest lessons that can be taught to a child is to live within his means.


Slow down

I swear, if our life gets any faster paced, I'm going to be dizzy! We seem to be running somewhere almost non-stop. Our home is nothing more than a motel room for showers and bed at night! Slow down! Teach your children that you just have to have days for doing nothing at all. It isn't healthy for a human body to be running constantly. We need rest and time to revive. Ever wonder why the "old folks" lived longer than we seem to now? Maybe it is because they lived much more slowly...

Our children deserve the very best preparation we can give them. And as you train children for the future, remember that your child learns the most by your example! What do you think? I would love to hear from you! Please comment below and give me your opinion!

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Struggling to share this, clicking Facebook but nothing happens? Wondering if anyone has had this problem please? Think its really good information for people to be reading. Work with so many families who reinforce negative messages through the generations! Trends need to be broken if society is going to improve! Many thanks!

things happen. Be old school when raising your children, help out and pay attention to what other children in your neighborhood/community are doing. It is your business! All of this "it's not my business" BS is another huge factor in the increase of negative behavior etc. Keep spreading your well written message!!


Very Well Written !

Thank you for putting Manners on that list!!

My grandma taught me to be a lady. And ladies attract gentlemen. I believe the most important lesson to teach children is that they are a part of the world they live in, and have responsibility towards it and its inhabitants -all of them!

Made my friend feel better

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