8 Fun Things to do in the Snow with Kids ...


8 Fun Things to do in the Snow with Kids ...
8 Fun Things to do in the Snow with Kids ...

Things to Do in the Snow are what’s on everyone mind after the first good snow fall. Kids want to run outside and play. Even adults want to join in the snow filled fun with things to do in the snow. After all, winter really is a magical time, especially when you live in a place that gets a fair amount of snow. No matter how old you are, you can feel like a kid again -- especially if you happen to be playing with your children! Here is a list of 8 fun things to do in the snow with kids.

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Sledding is the perfect thing to do in the snow. Don’t think it’s just for kids. Adults can have a blast sledding downhill too. Grab the kids and the sleds and enjoy your snow day.


Snow Ice Cream

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Making your own snow ice cream is an awesome winter treat. Place a couple of bowls outside to collect fresh snow as it falls. Later bring in your bowls of snow. Add a little milk, sugar and vanilla extract. Mix together and eat. Yum!


Snowball Fight

Kids love fun things to do in the snow. Try a snowball fight after the next snow. The key to a good snowball fight is to make a bunch of snowballs before you start throwing. You’ll have a snowball stockpile, while your enemy is trying to roll and throw.


Measure the Snowfall

Use the snowfall as a learning opportunity for your kids. Measure how deep the snow is using a ruler or measuring stick. Compare different parts of the yard or different objects to see if more snow was collected in certain areas.


Snow Angles

What sweeter thing to do in the snow than make snow angels? I love plopping down in fresh bed of snow and moving my legs in and out and my arms up and down to make a beautiful snow angel. Your kids will love it too!


Color in Snow

Snow is like a perfect blank canvas just waiting for wild imagination and color. Mix a few drops of food coloring into spray bottles of water. Spray the water onto the snow to write messages and create pictures.


Take a Walk

Want to really enjoy a snow storm? Get on all your warm winter gear and take a walk during a snow storm. Of course, stay safe and avoid busy streets. For best results walk around a nearby park, through your neighborhood, or your backyard.



No list of things to do in the snow would be complete without suggesting you build a snowman. Building a snowman is a classic snow day activity. Throughout the year, save things to use for your snowman. Lost buttons, random rocks, ripped blankets or shirts, and an outgrown hat, are the type of things you can collect for your snowman.

Every kid gets excited for a chance of a snow day when the snow starts coming down. With this list of things to do in the snow you can be ready and excited for a snow day too. Let me know if you have any other suggestion for activities to do in the snow. I hope you get to do fun things in the snow very soon, if you haven’t already. What are some of your favorite things to do in the snow? Is there anything you want to add to my list of activities you can do in the snow? Please let me know.

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