7 Effective Discipline Techniques to Use Instead of Spanking ...


Have you ever wondered about effective discipline techniques to use on your children? It’s a common concern for many parents. While spanking may work for some, it isn’t something every parent is okay with. I’m not here to debate whether or not spanking is right, instead I want to discuss other effective discipline techniques to try.

1. Time Outs

Time outs are a pretty effective discipline technique if you are consistent with it. Being consistent is hard because children can be so defiant at times. Once your child is acting out and you decide to put him in time out, tell him how long you expect him to sit there. Every time they talk or get up the timer starts over. Stay strong and continue to place the child back in time out until they have sat for the amount of time you deemed appropriate. Some children experts suggest one minute for every year of age, so a five year old would spend five minutes in time out.

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