18 Important Manners to Teach Your Children ...


18 Important Manners to Teach Your Children ...
18 Important Manners to Teach Your Children ...

If you are a parent you may be wondering about what manners you should teach to your kids. We all want polite, well behaved children and this starts at home by teaching them proper etiquette and manners. If you are a mom you are not going to want to miss this list of 18 important manners to teach your children.

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Waiting Turns

I will admit, even as an adult waiting turns can be so hard. However, it is an important manner to teach your children, because it’s a part of everyday life. Think of all those jerks that cut you off on the highway or push you over during Black Friday shopping. I bet their mothers never taught them to wait turns. Do you know people like this?


No Calling Names

Name calling is harsh. It’s a form of bullying and as parents we need to put an end to it before it gets out of hand. Unfortunately children learn name calling from parents. Think about the number of times your child has heard you say something bad about another person or call them a mean name. I know I’m guilty of it and, I bet if you are honest with yourself, so are you. We have to stop name calling and set a positive example for our children.


Greet Your Guest

Greeting guest may seem a little old fashion, but it’s still an important manner to teach kids. Kids need to know that it is important to welcome guest into the home, even if all they say is a simple, “Hello.”



Hearing a child ask for something in a demanding way or even when they just don't say please drives me crazy. It’s even worse when I hear adults do this. You aren’t owed anything, ask politely.


Thank You

Saying thank you goes along with saying please. If someone does something for you, no matter how small, the polite thing to do is to say, “Thank you”.


Clean up

Cleaning up after yourself is another manner children need to know. Children should know how to put their dishes in the sink after a meal, how to put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket, and how to keep their toys tidy. Knowing you have taught your child to clean up after themselves will put you at ease when your children are at a friend’s house or staying with grandparents.


Be a Good Sport

Ever play a game with someone that didn’t know how to win and lose gracefully? It’s so ridiculous to see a kid throwing a fit over losing a game or being a jerk about winning. Teach your child that while winning feels good, it’s okay to lose if you tried your best.


Take Compliments

Have you ever told a cute little girl how pretty she is, only to have her come back with, “Yeah, I know.” Excuse me! I admire the confidence, but please teach your child manners. A simple thank you would be a good start.


Open Doors

Opening doors isn’t just for little boys. Little girls should understand the importance of holding doors for other people as well.


Respect Differences

The greatest thing about life is our differences. One manner to teach kids is how to respect differences. They should know not to point, stare, or say mean things about another person because they look or act differently. This kind of behavior is rude, hurtful and unnecessary.


Being Fair

Being fair is also an important manner to teach children. Being fair means treating our friends equally and not giving more to someone just because you like them better.



Sharing is kind of a hard concept to understand. Think about it, as an adult how often do you share? Do you let your neighbor use your car just because he doesn’t have one? Probably not. Yet, we still need to teach our children to share with their friends when playing together.


Respect Other People’s Things

With sharing comes respect. If your friend is going to be so kind and share her favorite doll with you, then you also need to be so kind and treat her doll with the up most care.


Respect Yourself

Is respecting yourself a manner to teach children? Of course it is. We can’t expect our children to show respect for other people and their things if they lack self-respect. Teach your child to value himself and how important he is. Children shouldn’t talk down about themselves or belittle their importance.


Golden Rule

There is always the golden rule that puts all manners in to prospective. Children need to know how to treat others the way they want others to treat them. Of course, understanding that the rule in reverse does not work, is also important. You can’t treat others the way they treat you.


Table Manners

Have you ever had to share a meal with someone with horrible table manners? They talk with their mouth full, eat with their hands, and belch at the table. You probably wondered why this person’s mother never taught any manners to her kid. Start early when you teach your child table manners.


Coughing and Sneezing

Yes, there is a polite way to cough and sneeze. I don’t know too many people that enjoy getting sprayed with the snot of random strangers. Even the snot of little kids is bothersome. Teach your children to cover up when they sneeze and cough. Many parents are teaching children to cover up with their elbow instead of their hands to further help spread germs.


Helping Others

Finally, the last manner to teach kids is to always offer to help others. Having children ready to help others is a great thing. They can offer to help grandma with the dishes, offer to feed the dog at home, or help their little sibling read a book. If you can get your child to help others you will quickly see how nice it is to a have a helpful kid.

There are plenty more manners to teach kids. These are just some of the basics. You have probably already started teaching most of these to your child. The earlier you ingrain proper manners in your child the easier it will be. What are some manners to teach kids that you think need to be added to this list? Also how are you teaching your kids manners?

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I totally believe knocking in public places is important. People now a days just try to open bathroom stalls, walk in on people changing clothes, etc.

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