7 Best Places to Buy Back-to-School Supplies ...

By Jenny

7 Best Places to Buy Back-to-School Supplies ...

Unfortunately, it’s that time of year again… time to find the best places to buy back-to-school supplies so you don’t end up spending a fortune on all of those things your kids need each year. It’s tough to stick to a budget while shopping for supplies, especially when you have more than one kid to buy for. You have to juggle what they need with what they want, all while trying to not spend all of your hard earned money. Check out these places to buy back-to-school supplies and try to get all of the bargains you can!

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1 Walmart

Walmart is one of the best places to buy back-to-school supplies because they severely mark down their stationary/office supplies section in late July and continue the sale until September, so you have essentially the last half of summer to stock up on everything you need. They also have a super wide array of styles, plus you can get your school clothes shopping done in the same place! If you’re looking for a low price and incredible convenience, this is your place.

2 Ebay

If your kids aren’t picky about the colors of their notebooks or binders, eBay can actually save you a TON of money! There are sellers who will send you a pack of literally everything you need. Seller bpsales702 sells a pack with over 100 items ranging from pens, pencils, notebooks, crayons and glue to hand sanitizer, notecards and rulers! If you just don’t have the time to shop this year, head on over to eBay!

3 Target

Composition notebooks for 50 cents and 99 cent Crayola Crayons are just a couple of the awesome deals Target is offering! Target stores aren’t as widespread as Walmart stores are, but no worries, you can shop for most things on their website!

4 US School Supply

If you have multiple children, it’s time to take a look at US School Supply! You can buy packs of anything from pens and pencils to notebooks and binders! You can even get a pack of 12 staplers for as little as $15.95! You can get 100 folders for right around $30, so you can keep your kids supplied all year this year, next year and possibly even the year after!

5 Poppin.com

Okay, Poppin isn’t the cheapest place to buy supplies, but if you’re looking for the most stylish accessories, it is definitely your best bet! If you or your kids like to be well organized as well as fashionably equipped, you can get anything from the back-to-school basics to dorm furniture. You can even design and customize your own desk accessories!

6 Big Lots

Big Lots may have the lowest prices I’ve ever seen! 16 cents for notebooks and $9 for backpacks! For the college bound, check out their excellent tablets and storage systems and fabulous prices!

7 Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree is great for a lot of things: crafts, gift wrap… and school supplies! While you can’t get everything you may need for school there, you can get a pretty substantial amount of the things on your checklist. Paper products, writing implements and other items are well stocked in the store and waiting for you to come pick them up!

The task of tracking down the insane amount of things your kids need each year can be incredibly daunting. Hopefully this list of the best places to buy back-to-school supplies will help you out. If you start buying early, the task seems less enormous by the time you finish. Where do you buy school supplies?

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Walmart is correct. In Canada, Target is up to 5 times more expensive then in the US

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Some nice items at 5 below

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