How to Make Sure Your Kid Won't Hate Their Name ...

Picking a name for your child is hard work. After all, you don't want to end up giving your bundle of joy a name that will get them made fun of. That's why you really have to think it through. To help you out, here are a few tips from Men's Health that'll help you pick a name that your child won't resent you over:

1. Will Their Initials Ruin a Monogrammed Bathrobe?

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You don't want your child's initials to spell out something offensive. That's why you should really write the kid's name down a few times before you decide on it.

2. Are You Positive It’s Not a Stripper’s Name?

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Sure, strippers have some sexy names. However, you should probably try to pick a cute name for your child rather than a sexy one. You don't want to end up going to a strip club and getting a dance with someone that goes by the same name as your child.

3. Are You Absolutely Sure You Want to Name Your Kid after a Movie Character?

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Television shows and movies have a huge impact on child naming. Of course, “'The key to choosing a movie-inspired name is that you have to love the name, not just the character. If you have to know the movie to appreciate the name, it’s probably the wrong choice.”

4. 20 Years from Now, when Your Kid Recounts the Origins of Her Name, Will It Be a Happy or Funny Story, or a “here’s Why I’m in Therapy” Story?

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You want your child to be proud of their name. That's why you have to pick something that you know they'd love.

What's your favorite baby name?

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