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Positive Affirmations to Encourage Your Children and Build Them up ...

By Jennifer

If you're in the middle of raising the next generation of strong, capable, bright little humans, chances are, you're always looking for creative, encouraging affirmations you can share with them. Whether you're celebrating a success or just want to let them know how very special they are, here are a few of my favorite kids'-esteem-building affirmations you can use.

1 You Make Me Laugh!

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2 You Have the Best Ideas!

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3 You Have Such a Big Heart!

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4 You Are so Kind!

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5 You Are so Good at Helping!

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6 I Love to Hear You Sing!

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7 You Make Me Very Proud!

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8 I'm so Glad You Tried Your Best!

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9 You Did It!

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10 You Are so Smart!

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11 I Love Spending Time with You

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12 You Are so Creative!

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13 I Love the Way You Make Me Smile

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14 You Can do Anything!

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15 I'm so Proud of Your Hard Work!

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16 You're My Hero!

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17 You Will Be Such a Good Grown-up!

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18 You Make My Heart Happy!

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19 I Love You so!

text, font, product, line, logo,Aren't these wonderful? Which of these affirmations do you and your littles like best?

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