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Yes I Kiss My Kids on the Lips... Whats the Big Deal ...

By Jennifer

So remember last week when the whole world was pissed that Victoria Beckham posted a photo of herself smooching her daughter, Harper, on the lips? I have a confession to make: I, too, kiss my kids. On the lips. And you know what? Just like Victoria's kids, my kids are JUST FINE. You know what else? I do LOTS of things that would make the collective internet scowl, and I DGAF at all.

Table of contents:

  1. I do kiss my kids 😗
  2. They get screen time, too 📱
  3. Junk food 🍔
  4. They've seen my boobs 😲
  5. We talk about periods ♀
  6. I spoiled them 👶
  7. I tell them "yes" 👍

1 I do Kiss My Kids 😗

Let me be clear: kissing my kids is just another way to show them affection, and we're all fine with it. No one's in therapy, no one's doomed to a life of hardship...and in fact, my kids are both happy, they're well-adjusted, they're secure, and they feel loved.

2 They Get Screen Time, Too 📱

I'm the worst mom ever, because I let my 12-year-old play Minecraft and watch Sailor Moon in the same day! The thing is, she's an all-A student with an active social life, and just like me, sometimes she likes to relax after a long day of being awesome with a little screen time.

3 Junk Food 🍔

I freely admit that I do not cook an organic, gluten-free, vegetarian meal every night of the week. Sometimes I do. But most nights, we eat regular-people food, and about once a week, we eat pizza or even - gasp! - fast food.

4 They've Seen My Boobs 😲

Both of my kids are girls, and at some point or another, they've both seen my boobs. My older daughter has seen me breast-feed my younger daughter, and there have been a few times I've had to change in front of my youngest. It's no biggie, truly. I'm not jiggling them around, making a big deal about it. They're just boobs.

5 We Talk about Periods ♀

I'm not really sure why this is a big deal, but other moms of daughters have FREAKED OUT when they've overheard how candid my girls and I are about periods. Calm down! It's natural, and I absolutely do NOT want my girls to feel weird or ashamed about their periods.

6 I Spoiled Them 👶

Why does anyone ever think holding a baby "too much" will spoil them? No. There's no such thing as holding your baby "too much." That snuggle time is precious, and it'll be gone far too soon. Enjoy every single moment you can hold your sweet baby in your arms. Someday, they'll be a teenager.

7 I Tell Them "Yes" 👍

News flash: there's nothing wrong with telling your children "yes" once in a while. Why CAN'T little Sophie take a bath with her new swimsuit on? Why CAN'T she stay up ten minutes past her bedtime for one more story? It's okay, really, to say "yes" once in a while.

It's totally okay if you don't agree with my parenting choices. As long as my kids are safe, healthy, and happy - and they are! - I don't want the judgment, though, and I won't be judging any other moms, either. What other semi-taboo things do you do as a mom?

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