Superb Stress-Relief Tips for Every Overwhelmed and Overworked Mom out There ...

By Alicia

All mothers have times when they feel overwhelmed and overworked; it comes with the territory of having a child. But you don’t have to continue pushing yourself day after day when you feel that way. There are things you can do to make your life easier and enjoy each day a little more.

1 Ask for Help and Accept It when It’s Offered

Many times we moms become overwhelmed and overworked because we don’t like to ask for help. We try to do it all on our own. I know because I’ve been that mom! But it’s okay to ask for help and to accept it when it’s offered. Don’t think of it as burdening someone else with your responsibility; think of it as allowing others to share in your child’s life.

2 Realize You’re Not Superwoman and That’s Okay

Have you ever had superwoman complex? It goes something like this: you attempt to keep your home immaculate and cook every meal from scratch while being a perfect mother and having it all together. It’s not a fun game. The end result is that you feel overwhelmed, overworked and completely void of joy. Hang up your cape and give yourself permission to be human!

3 Prioritize Things That Need to Be Done

You don’t have to do everything in one day. I’m talking to myself as much as I am to each of you. Give yourself permission to prioritize your list instead of killing yourself trying to do it all. Decide what the 3,4 or 5 most important things are to accomplish each day and go for that goal. Days when you do this are much less stressful.

4 Learn to Rest

Do any of you struggle with chilling out? I do, desperately! But I’m getting better at it. It’s something I’ve honestly had to learn to do because I can always think of productive things that I could be doing instead of resting. But rest is a valuable and beautiful thing that we each need to embrace as a part of our life.

5 Accept That You’re Going to Live with a Certain Amount of Chaos

Motherhood is messy. From the newborn days of dirty diapers and endless bottles to the teenage years of smelly socks and dishes left in bedrooms, there are going to be messes. While you do want to have a standard of cleanliness for your home, you can go too far and drive yourself crazy. I’ve been there and am working on coming to terms with this just like you are. I will say that life’s better when you accept messes are part of motherhood.

6 Treat Yourself

Far too many moms don’t treat themselves. While part of being a mom means sacrifices for your child and putting their needs ahead of your own, it doesn’t mean you can’t ever do something for yourself. Treat yourself to a pedicure or a new pair of jeans. Snuggle up with a good book instead of worrying about the dishes in the sink. Life’s much more pleasant when you allow yourself these small pleasures.

7 Seize the Moment

It sounds cliché, but it’s so true! Small moments are what make up the whole of our lives. Take the time to hear your child’s joke or sample the frosting with your toddler. Those moments are generally what make our hearts feel fuzzy and warm. They’re also what memories are made of. You’ll be surprised at how much richer your life is when you begin to follow this philosophy.

These are 7 tips for overwhelmed and overworked mothers. What helps you when you’re feeling this way? Your tips could be inspiring to others.

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