7 Rewards Programs to Help Your School ...

By Jennifer

7 Rewards Programs to Help Your School ...

In these tough economic times, with sky-rocketing home foreclosure rates and plummeting property values, our schools, which rely on property taxes, are suffering financially. In the face of massive budget cuts and shortfalls, it’s up to us parents to try and make up at least part of the difference, and while this may sound like a daunting task, it’s not! There are lots of ways we can all chip in by, believe it or not, just buying the same things we always buy. It’s not too good to be true, as you’ll see. Here are 7 rewards programs to help your school.

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1 My Coke Rewards

Inside every bottle cap and cardboard case of Coke is a special code you can enter to claim points for your school. There are a range of Coke products that offer these points, and they add up quickly, especially with so many families contributing their points! Points can be spent on sports equipment, office supplies, and more, from pencils to camcorders to footballs.

2 Labels for Education

On the side of every can of Campbell’s soup is a UPC code, and when you turn the codes in at your child’s school, they’re sent in as bundles, and exchanged for school supplies, sports equipment, and media, like books, computer programs, and more. This program is wildly popular, and it’s very successful, since so many families use Campbell’s products every day!

3 Box Tops for Education

On the labels and box tops of many of the products we buy, from cereal to pizza rolls to biscuits, there are these little pink and blue “Box Tops for Education” pieces, ready to be collected and redeemed for all kinds of things. Check your pantry now — I’ll bet there are at least a few items with Box Tops pieces on them!

4 DIRECTV4Schools™

Foe every parent who signs up for DIRECTV, your school can earn serious cash. It really is that simple — no codes to enter, no labels to cut and send in… just sign up parents, and while they enjoy their new viewing experience, your school will be earning cash!

5 Subway School Rewards™

Subway encourages kids to eat right, be active, and stay fit, so can you think of a better partner to help raise money for your school? The program runs in spurts, so check the site regularly tro see whne it’s time to enroll.

6 Stop & Shop a+ School Rewards Program

Register your Stop & Shop card and start collecting points you can use for your school. We all love the convenience of shopping at Stop & Shop, so why not earn points for your school while you’re stopping for that bottle of soda and bag of snacks for your road trip?

7 Spartan Cash for Labels

If your school is located in Michigan, Indiana, or Ohio, this is another marvelous program you can use to earn money and other great rewards for your school. Collect the UPC codes from the labels of all of the Spartan brand products you use then send them in with a label redemption form in bundles of 1,000 for $20 cash! Sweet!

Those are the reward programs we all use at my daughter’s school, and they’ve really made a difference in budgeting and supplies in our sports, music, and art programs, and in our media center. Which of these programs does your school use, and how do you like it? Please share!

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this program was cancelled and I have been unable to get in touch with anyone for answers about the enrollment we had.

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