7 Magical Parenting Hacks for an Easier Life ...


7 Magical Parenting Hacks  for an Easier Life ...
7 Magical Parenting Hacks  for an Easier Life ...

Are you seeking parenting hacks for an easier life? You are definitely not alone.

Parenting is one of the toughest journeys upon which we’ll ever embark. It’s also the most rewarding. When tough times call for tough love, here are seven magical parenting hacks for an easier life that will help you keep your sanity and your position as loving mom, worthy of respect.

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Use Big Ears and a Little Voice

I don’t know about you, but I have a hot temper. So, when my kiddos disrupt the peace, my first reaction is to yell. Well, yelling doesn’t work (duh!). My kids ignore me. So, I’ve learned to whisper to get my kids attention, and it has worked so much better! I’ve also learned how to listen to their problems, their “why’s,” their stories, and their side to the situation, no matter how silly or wrong their perspective may seem. I’ve learned an awful lot about what they are thinking and feeling, and that has built trust through the years. Guess what? It’s stopped all the chaos and yelling, too. Not yelling is a one of the most genius parenting hacks for an easier life.


Ask about Their Hearts

One of the most important questions you can routinely ask your child is “How is your heart?” Do you know what’s more important than knowing what they did today? It’s learning and understanding how they felt today. Our society tries to squash feelings, but emotional health begins with the ability to communicate our feelings to those whom we love the most.


Confess Your Own Oopsies

Kids are smarter than we really want to acknowledge, aren’t they? If we make mistakes or if we react to situations in a way that is not helpful or downright rude, an apology goes a long way in mending the relationship. When your child hears you say, “I’m sorry,” they learn to truly understand that wrong choices don’t mean you don’t love them. After all, when you messed up, they realize they still love you!


Build Harmony

If children feel safe and secure, they will act much differently than if they live in a home built upon fear or instability. Harmony is created when family members accept each other, the good, the bad, and the ugly. As a mom, build an environment of harmony with words of encouragement. Tell your child you love them for who they are, not what they’ve done.


Be What You Are

Our world is hard and broken and sliding downhill fast. Your children will have plenty of friends. So, rather than trying to befriend your child, be the parent they need you to be to help them figure out this crazy world. Use constructive guidance to tell them what to avoid, warn them of who to walk away from, and be the one who consistently points them in the right direction. For example, “Timmy, don’t light your farts. The girls worth marrying are not impressed by that,” is good sound advice. (True story)


Love the Differences

When I started raising my children, I realized immediately they were different than me. Different personalities. Different talents. Different passions. When I finally got over myself and realized a mini-me would likely ruin this world anyway, I started to appreciate the differences. Don’t tell my children, but I have even started to love the differences, too.


Play Family Games

Kids crave quality time. We all hope our children will look back on their childhoods with fond memories. The best way to create those memories is with family dates, games, and traditions. A couple of our favorites are Sardines (think Hide-and-Go-Seek on steroids), Guess Butt (put a household object on their backsides and they have to guess what it is), and Exploding Kittens (Google it)!

Parenting is hard on the best of days. We moms have the opportunity to influence our children in many ways. We can neglect their needs, or we can choose to prepare them for this harsh world. Choose a couple of these magical tips and start paving the way to raising a more emotionally healthy child. If you have any suggestions to add, we’d love to hear them!

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