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Exceptional Things for Parents to Remember when Disciplining Your Child ...

By Jocelyn

As a parent, there are some things to remember when disciplining your child. Parenting is as hard as it is amazing. You are the most sleep deprived person in the world. It's never ending cleanup duties. You wonder how you tolerate the mess, but you do. Sometimes it gets overwhelming and you just want to scream, and when you see that messy face with all the reasons why, you just burst into laughter. It's easy to say "calm down" when you really want to scream. Here are some things to remember when disciplining your child.

1 Patience is Really a Virtue

One of the most important things to remember when disciplining your child is to have lots of patience. Your children are where your heart belongs and you are totally content with them. It's a roller coaster ride every day. Your child learns as much as you do, so watch your mouth when you're around them, bite your tongue if you must, because words hurt more than spanking. You, as a parent, lay that foundation and they absorb it all.

2 Every Child is Different

Everyone is a challenge, no matter where you are or who you are. Your child looks up to you and no one in the world will love you more than they do. It’s hard to draw the line between discipline and tolerance. You have to weigh every situation, trade one thing for another thing, and compromise to meet in the middle.

3 The Reward System Still Works (most of the Time)

When the "whys" start they just don’t stop, you can’t always turn to Google. Your child is his own person and when they know what they want and you don't like it, it's up to you if you give in or not and try to explain your side. You have to remind yourself that they don't think like you, their perception of things are totally different from you and communication is vital. Try to understand your child's story before you come to a conclusion. A lot of relationships are ruined by just a simple misunderstanding and they bring that into adulthood.

4 A Small Issue That is Not Resolve Can Result to a Lot of Resentment, Bitterness, and Heartache

When you try to better understand a situation, you realize that most of the time what you think is wrong. Working on the issue and closing that chapter brings peace. When you discipline your child and feel guilty after, you're not the only one. But either you're in charge or they are.

5 Be Weary of Whom Your Kids Are around

Kids absorb everything! Even when you do your best to shield them, the world outside is different and a lot of negative things happen that are hard to explain. Support from the people that love you is a comfort and it’s good to know that you're not the only one who went through it. Take courage and keep going. Just keep doing your best.

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