The Ups and Downs of Parenting Moms and Dads Can Relate to ...

By Jenny

The Ups  and Downs  of Parenting  Moms and Dads Can Relate  to ...

If you're a mother, you know very well the ups and downs of parenting. Motherhood came as a shock to me - well not the becoming a mother, that was deeply desired and wanted. It was what it entailed that really came as a real shock. For some reason, I thought having children would be easy, that the children would just fit into our lives, no worries. I could not have been more wrong.

Parenting is 24 hours a day. The constant caring, especially when they are young is something I had no idea of. I don't think anyone can even warn you about it. It has to happen to you for you to understand. Another part that really shocked me was the housework. I don't remember doing housework before children. Cleaning up after small children has been likened to brushing your teeth while eating an Oreo biscuit. This is a good analogy. BC (Before children) I used to look at mothers and wonder why they looked so cranky. It is a combination of no sleep, the constant picking up of things, the constant being asked for things and interrupted, and the very little time she has for herself. Now I get it! I know all about the ups and downs of parenting!

Now I know this sounds like one big complaint and I suppose it is. However there is that beautiful side too. A love that you just would not have known possible. There are the moments when you can't stop laughing with your children, when you share their awe at nature, animals, and the wonderful world we live in. It is inspiring to watch them begin to understand things. The questions are hilarious and the reactions so sweet. For all of the tough side of parenting, for all of the tears (I could not understand how breastfeeding could hurt so much), for all of the sleepless nights, for all of the parties that you can no longer attend, there is this beautiful side.

The part that makes you so glad you did this. The side that fills your heart. Parenthood is also one of those things that just goes in the blink of an eye, it is so important to stop and smell the roses before they have grown up and are gone. Trying to juggle everything is hard, but let's face it, the things in life that are the most worthwhile are the challenging ones.

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