Simple Yet Important Ways to Be a Role Model for Your Child ...


Simple Yet Important Ways to Be a Role Model for Your Child ...
Simple Yet Important Ways to Be a Role Model for Your Child ...

There are so many ways to be a role model for your child. When you have a young and aspirational child in your life, it would be fair to say that a lot of your thought process goes into finding ways to show them the best ways to live, and instilling in them the best values of life. Who were your role models when you were growing up? Whilst people like celebrities and sports figures might have been heavily featured on your bedroom walls, there is also a part of you that looked up to your parents as role models, the closest personal role models that any young person can possibly have. If you are now on the other side of this dynamic and want to take more responsibility with regards to inspiring your own child, then here are some simple ways to be a role model for your child.

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Hold the Door Open

Make the effort to hold the door open for other people when you are out in public with your child, one of the easiest ways to be a role model for your child. We’re not just talking for the elderly or for a mum with a pram, we mean for anybody who might in close vicinity to you. This small act of kindness and community will stay with them as they grow up, and they will strive to repeat the same positive behaviour.


Take Care of a Pet

A pet is not only a great addition to any family unit, but it is a way that you can show and teach your child to be kind and take care of people and things that need help. You can get them involved in the daily care of the animal, and in doing so together you will teach them the value of caring for all living things.


Read to Them

The way to ignite a child’s imagination is to read to them, as often as possible. Think about it this way, every single bedtime you are the person who is opening up your child to worlds and characters that will stay with them forever. They will see you as the gatekeeper to a whole new world of fantasy and imagination!


Have Fun!

Parenting is obviously a serious business, but that doesn’t mean that your life with your child shouldn’t be filled with fun. The more fun a child has in their formative years, the more they will flourish as they grow up. If you can be the main source of that fun at home, then they will always regard you as one of the most important figures and role models in their life.


Maintain Strong Friendships

It is important that you keep a strong group of friends around you because it will help your child to see that having close friends, and lots of them, is a valuable asset in life. Show your kid that having a support group of great peers is essential for living a happy and fulfilled life, and they will always strive to take after you and do the same.

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