Preparing 👍 Your Infant 👶 for Daycare 🎀 ...


It's not always easy preparing your infant for daycare, but you can do it. You just had the most amazing three to six months of maternity leave with your amazing new child and now the time has come to not only go back to work, but drop off the one thing you hold most precious to you in the world into someone else’s hands. So as the days draw nearer, you’re probably wondering how well your child will do. Don’t worry, as an infant teacher for over five years, I will let you know that your child will not only survive, but thrive in their new daycare environment. Here are my best tips for preparing your infant for daycare.

1. Help Them Bond with Their Teacher

When an infant reaches six and a half months, the child’s brain becomes aware of the difference between a stranger’s face and a familiar face. As a result, I recommend that if your child is six months or older, spend the week before your child enrolls in daycare visiting the center for an hour or so every day. If the center allows it, leave your child to bond with the teacher while you step out of the room. That way, by the time their first day arrives, you will be able to drop off your child with a friendly face. If you are not able to do this, be prepared that the child will most likely be crying on their first day after drop off. However, it usually takes the child an hour to make a connection with the teacher and two to three weeks to stop crying at drop off. This is one of the top things to keep in mind when preparing your infant for daycare.

Be Prepared for Nap Time