3 Key Factors of Raising a Successful Child ...


3 Key Factors of Raising a Successful Child ...
3 Key Factors of Raising a Successful Child ...

It's important to know the key foundations of raising a successful child. Setting the proper foundation for your child to succeed as a parent should always be your number one priority. As a parent, you already have the tools available to build a foundation for your child to succeed whether you realize it or not. Although parenting can be difficult at times, setting and building a foundation for your child is not. I will outline a few ways you can build a platform for your child to succeed based on the tools you have in your toolbox. These three important tips are important to pass along to your child because as they mature they will be able to pass on these tips to their children and others as they grow into adulthood. So, here are the key foundations of raising a successful child.

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Always Provide Your Child with Love No Matter the Circumstances

Love is one of the most important key foundations of raising a successful child. As a parent, you must always give your love unconditionally. Your child will never forget the love that you have given them. Giving your love and showing your love are two different things. Although giving and showing fall into the same category of love, they are still separated by actions. Giving your love consists of you accepting that there is someone else with more important needs than yours.

So, you must make the decision to give everything you have to your child emotionally. The best gift you could ever give your child is you because it requires sacrifice and unselfishness. It can be as simple as allowing your child to lay on your chest and both of you falling to sleep in bed together after a bad nightmare. Showing your love can also consist of you simply saying, "I love you."

Showing your love does not mean you purchasing something materialistic because your child wants it. Showing your love runs a lot deeper than that. It often brightens my daughter's day when I go and have lunch with her at her school. I show her I love her because that is important to her and I actually show up. So, show some love and give some love, no matter the circumstances.


Give Your Child Your Hands

That's right I said your hands, it is as simple as that. The best gift my father ever gave me, and my siblings were his hands. Let me explain. My father went to work every day using his hands. His job required the use of his hands and his hands provided a paycheck for our family. My father hugged with his hands and held me when I was hurt with his hands. A parent's hands have the ability to set a proper foundation for their child because they can provide your child with love and protection.

Use your hands to pick up your child, to hug your child, to provide for your child, to hold your child's hand, to cook for your child and to protect your child. There are many uses for your hands. The most important use of your hands is to use them to provide. No matter what your hands can do, they always give you the tools you need to give your child the things he or she may need.


Don't Ever Quit

The most important tip for your child to succeed is to never quit on them. When you quit, your child cannot succeed. Every time you quit your child will see you quit. When your child sees you quit you are implementing the quitting gene in your child. Children depend on their parents for almost everything. There are things your child will face in this world that they have never faced before, and they will lean on you for your guidance, love and protection. Do not quit on your child regardless of the situation. I remember when I hit rock bottom and I struggled week to week. My child never knew we were struggling because I never quit as a parent.

In conclusion, always remember to provide your child with love, your hands as a tool and never quit no matter the downfall. Everything you do as a parent using these tips will be passed on to your child creating a path to success. Your child needs the tools out of your tool belt, so pass them on so they can continue to build off of what you have given them.

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