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Great Ways for Parents to Use Technology to Help Manage Their Kids Homework ...

By LaToi

Here's how to use technology to help with kids' homework.

I prepare for, touch, organize, and deal with homework in some sort of way seven days a week. This year I have a first grader and a third grader with very rigorous schedules inside and outside of school, so schoolwork is a part of conversations every day of the week. As a single mother, and former Instructional Technology Specialist, I had to come up with a way to manage both of my children at one time when they still need a little one-on-one help to finish some assignments. Here are a few tips that I use to manage the boys and support their development with effective technology integration. Keep reading for the best answers for how to use technology to help with kids' homework.

1 Google Keep

I use Google Keep to take pictures of teacher notes and homework assignment sheets. Google Keep is a great place to store notes and later transfer information to your Google Drive. If you're wondering how to use technology to help with kids' homework, this is the answer.

2 Google Sheets

With weekly spelling tests, I have set up spreadsheets for spelling practice. I color code the number of rows I expect them to complete each day. It is important to note that with current national curriculum expectations, elementary grade students are expected to have basic typing skills in order to complete online state assessments. This activity has helped my kids tremendously, especially since it is rare to find a school system teaching keyboarding at an early age.

3 Individual Folders

I have two folders that stay in our designated homework area for the boys to use daily. The folders are color-coded and include extra paper, pencils, maps, addition/subtraction/multiplication charts, and any review or reference information they would need to assist them.

Using technology gives me the opportunity to work with one child one-on-one while the other engages in activities he can do on their own. I also utilize all subscription sites provided by the school to ensure my boys are working on activities that are aligned with the curriculum that is being covered in school. The differentiation helps thwart melt-downs and the evening homework drama that sometimes pops up with tired little boys.

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