10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Easter with the Kids ...


10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Easter with the Kids ...
10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Easter with the Kids ...

I figured that I better start getting my creative juices flowing and start thinking about ways to celebrate Easter with the kids. I love all holidays, and I love thinking of fun ways to get kids excited about them, which is why thinking of clever ways to celebrate them. That being said, here are 10 different ways to celebrate Easter with the kids. I hope they can spread some magic and wonder into your Easter celebration this year!

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Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Games are always a great way to add some fun to anything, which is why I propose playing a game of Pin the Tail on the Bunny as one of the ways to celebrate Easter with the kids. It’s a simple game and an Easter-themed take on the classic donkey version. To create the game, simply draw a black line image a rabbit’s profile on a piece of gray or brown construction paper (you don’t have to be an artist; don’t worry.) Hang the bunny up, attach a piece of tape to a cotton ball, blindfold your kids and have them try to get the tail as close to the right spot on the bunny as possible.


Easter Egg Suncatchers

I’m going to try making an Easter egg suncatcher with my little guy, which I am certain that he will love and I know will make a great decoration and keepsake. For this craft, I’m going to cut out a piece of tissue paper into the shape of an egg. I’ll then help my little guy tear different colored tissue paper into small bits and then well glue them onto the egg shape. I know he’ll love it because anything that has to do with destruction is right up his alley! I’ll hang the egg on a window and the sun will shine through the paper quite nicely.


Bird Nest Cookies

What kid doesn’t love cookies and candy? Combine them and you have a tasty Easter activity that your kids will gobble up. To make these edible nest, just make a batch of your favorite cookie dough (or you can use pre-made,) form it into balls and let your kids press their thumbs in the middle to form an indent. Bake up the cookies and when they are done, have your kids put a few pastel colored M&Ms in the indent to serve as eggs.


Countdown to Easter

Do your kids love advent calendars at Christmas? Well, here’s a take on that idea for Easter. Grab 12 plastic eggs and print one number – 1-12 – on each of the eggs. Place the eggs inside an empty egg carton and staring 12 days before Easter, they can remove 1 egg each day (start with the number 12 first.) You can even fill the eggs with candy, if you like, to add more fun to the activity.


Tissue Paper Egg Coloring

Instead of getting messy with traditional egg dyes, I am going to have my son color his eggs with tissue paper this year. I’m just going to cut up bits of tissue paper in different colors (the bolder the color, the better.) Then, I’ll just wet the eggs and let him place the bits of tissue paper on them. Put them in the fridge, let the eggs dry and when the paper comes off, the colors will be left on the egg.


Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Instead of a traditional egg hunt, mix it up with a scavenger hunt. Create a list of clues for your kids to follow in order to find the hidden eggs. This is better for older children, or, you can help younger children figure out the clues.


Easter Parade

Even if your town isn’t having an Easter parade, you can have your own at home. Dress up in your Easter finest, put on some rabbit ears and have your own parade in your home, or around your neighborhood.


Easter Play

Get the whole family into the Easter spirit by putting on a holiday play. Write a short couple of scenes or print a pre-written play off the internet. Assign parts, practice and then invite neighbors or other family members to see the show.


Easter Egg Pinata

No kid is going to pass up the chance to whack a pinata and enjoy a pile of Easter candy when it's all said and done. Making your own pinata is really fun and something that even little kids can help with. Of course, you could just buy one and fill it too. Either way, this is one Easter event that no one will ever forget.


Egg Games

There are a couple of great things you can do with eggs that are sure to get the kids into a festive mood. Place eggs on spoons and race across the yard without dropping the egg. Or line some eggs up on a hill or ramp and have a race to see whose will make it to the bottom first. Fun and games are an important part of making great Easter memories and these games are ideal for all ages.

Holidays are always fun for kids, but adding a little extra special something makes them even more fun. Which of these ideas do you think you’ll try?

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