Must-Have Products for First-Time Moms ...

So you’re having a baby, congrats! It’s an exciting time that will fly by so incredibly fast. Soon you are going to blink, and your baby will be in high school.

You’ll also soon find out there’s no handbook that comes with motherhood. There are many things you will need to make life easier and better for you and your soon-to-be newborn. Creating a registry that includes these products will give you everything you need.

1. Diapers

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As a new mom, you can’t get enough diapers. You’ll change diapers often. Specify which brand you prefer and then add cloth diapers to the list as well. Cloth diapers come in handy for diaper changes, giving your newborn a break from the disposable ones.

They can also be used for burping over the shoulder to prevent stains on your clothing and as an underpad for diaper changes.

2. Fetal Doppler

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A fetal doppler can be especially beneficial for pregnant women at a greater risk for complications with their pregnancy. A baby heart monitor lets you listen to your baby’s heartbeat and connect to your unborn child.

The hand-held device is easy to hold and use and is portable. Some feature a digital display of the heart rate and others you count on your own.

3. Plenty of Linens

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You’ll increase your laundry by 200% or more. Babies are messy, and you’ll change bedding, cloth diapers, waterproof protectors for changing tables and cribs and blankets often. Having a generous supply on hand is a must to keep up with demand.

4. Nursing Bras/Bottles

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Nursing bras will allow you to feed your baby at will without having to go into quick-change mode. Try a few on to make sure they fit comfortably. Also, keep in mind that you may go up one or two sizes after delivery due to milk retention.

Even if you are breastfeeding, you will need to have a few bottles on hand for those times you are away. Your spouse may want to help with the nighttime feeding to allow you to rest. Try to find nipples that mimic the natural shape of your nipple as much as possible to make these feedings easier.

5. A High-Quality Car Seat

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An infant car seat will allow you to bring your newborn home from the hospital safely. Finding one that converts will let you keep the base in the car and carry only the seat to and from locations. That makes it easy to go to your parents’ home, doctor appointments, and running errands. They also convert to accommodate your growing child.

Do your research ahead of the purchase, and make sure there are no recalls on the model.

6. A Breast Pump

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As stated earlier, there will be times when you are resting or at an appointment where you need someone else to feed the baby. A breast pump lets you pump milk a day ahead or the morning and store it in bottles in the refrigerator.

Unfortunately, not all breast pumps are alike. You’ll need one that’s comfortable, easy to use, and powerful. Portability is also beneficial, especially if you make last-minute plans.

7. The Diaper Bag

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A diaper bag is going to become your new best friend. It provides a place for all your baby essentials and keeps your reusable ones safe so your entire family can reduce its dependence on plastic. Find one that’s made of a soft yet rugged fabric for long-term reliability. Multiple exterior pockets and long handles are also things to consider.

8. The Little Extras

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Hooks and fasteners to secure toys to strollers, baby seats, and car seats will entertain your baby. Swaddles keep your newborn feeling safe, and a good quality baby carrier lets you keep your little one at your side.

Having a baby is exciting, especially the first go-round. There will be many things you need. Make a list of the items you want others to buy and put them on your registry.

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