7 Fantastic Activities to do with Your Daughter This New Year's Eve ...


7 Fantastic Activities to do with Your Daughter This New Year's Eve ...
7 Fantastic Activities to do with Your Daughter This New Year's Eve ...

New Year’s Eve draws closer everyday bringing with it excitement, celebrations, and many fun activities to do with your daughter! The idea of New Year’s Eve celebrations and parties is exciting however, we often think of them as adult only events. While many parties are, indeed, appropriate for adults only, children are also interested in celebrating the turn of another New Year! This year, think about throwing a party of two! Maybe more, depending on the number of daughters you have. We love celebrations and share with you a list of seven optional activities to do with your daughter this New Year’s Eve!

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Heat up the Kitchen!

Start your New Year’s Eve morning off by heating up the kitchen and baking a tasty treat! If you are particularly skillful (and patient) shape your cookie dough into numbers representing the New Year! Or, buy cookie cutters shaped like numbers and bake those. If you are a cake-a-holic, like me, bake a cake and decorate it for the coming New Year. Cook-up your sweets early in the day to have on hand for visitors. Be sure to save a few treats to eat after the midnight bell rings in the New Year. Make a wish and eat a cookie or have a slice of cake! Baking together is one of many fun activities to do with your daughter this New Year’s Eve.


Set the Stage: Decorate!

What’s a celebration without decorations! Create a festive atmosphere through color and texture. Drape shimmery fabrics all over and add a little sparkle in unexpected places. Grab some silly glasses, glittery hats, boas, and confetti and decorate yourselves and your home. There are many sources of holiday decoration options in all price ranges. Decorate your space until it is shines brightly with color, sparkles, and smiles. Don’t forget the balloons! One of the most fun New Year’s Eve celebration elements that I love is the balloon drop! You can totally do this at home using balloons and a fishing net. Combine all these elements and you will have one fantastic New Year’s Eve celebration setup!


Make a Wish List

Each New Year’s Eve my daughter and I like to make a wish list for the year ahead. Creating a wish list is a bit like writing a list of resolutions only a little less restrictive. A wish list can help you take a quick survey of the past. It can also help you focus your energy on creating a great year ahead together. Brainstorming ideas for your list will express your personalities and desires. So, while you are enjoying your time together, grab a pen and paper and create a list of wishes for the coming year.


Different Time Zone

Staying up until midnight is tough sometimes, especially after a particularly long and busy day. No matter your age, waiting for the ball to drop or the New Year to chime in seems to take forever. If you feel your energy waning, turn on the television! In the States there are a number of television channels that broadcast New Year’s Eve celebrations from all over the world. Tune into an international broadcast and celebrate a little early. Sometimes it’s necessary.


Toast Together

We love delicious desserts as much as we love tasty drinks! It’s all that yummy creative sweetness, I tell ya’! Mark the year end/beginning transition with a new sensational drink creation. Work together with your daughter to create a yummy New Year’s Eve drink recipe. What’s your style? Do you like sweet and bubbly or warm and mellow? Your NYE 2013 drink creation can be anything you want from water or sparkling juice to hot chocolate. Mix and match your favorite ingredients. When you are ready to ring in the New Year raise a glass and make a toast to all good things to come!


Dance Your Hearts out

New Year’s Eve is a time of celebration. The world moves forward and another year of possibilities opens up to us. It’s also a time for loud people, noisemakers, and music! Three of my favorite NYE things! Why not join in the loud and jovial festivities? Create a New Year’s Eve play list and turn up the music! Ring in the New Year while dancing your hearts out! Get up and get moving! I know we will!


Time Capsule

The year is full of action and wonderful memories. Sit together and record some of those memories on paper – good and bad. Collect your memories in words, photographs, or keepsakes – things that have special meaning for you. Gather them in an item like a tin canister or ceramic container. Much like the contents, the vessel is up to you! Creating a time capsule is a great way to mark the transition of the New Year. When your time capsule is complete, store it in a safe place to visit later. Bury your time capsule someplace special or display it in your home.

We hope our seven suggestions of activities are helpful for you! Use one or all of these ideas to throw a fantastic party at home with your dearest or plan a big bash for your daughter and other relatives at home. Whatever you do, have a blast and enjoy ringing in the New Year. Do you have plans for New Year’s Eve? Please, share!

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These are great ideas! I can’t wait to try them with my daughters!

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