4 Cool Benefits to Giving Your Child a Pet ...


4 Cool Benefits to Giving Your Child  a Pet ...
4 Cool Benefits to Giving Your Child  a Pet ...

There are so many benefits for kids of having a pet. When your sweet little one looks up at you and bats those big eyes and then begs for a new pet, your first reaction is usually NO! Why would you want to bring so much work into the house? The feedings, the cleaning, the chewing, etc. However, there are great reasons to get a pet Here are the best benefits for kids of having a pet.

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Health Benefits

dog, mammal, dog like mammal, vertebrate, child, Having a pet gives so many health benefits. If you choose an animal of the fur variety, you get the benefits of building up a resistance to allergens. They lower your blood pressure and stress levels. The list goes on and on. If you pick a non-fur baby, you still get the benefits. I personally have both furry and non-furry littles and I couldn’t be happier with them all. Improving your health is one of the best benefits for kids of having a pet.



dog, mammal, dog like mammal, vertebrate, dog breed, You ever have one of those days where you feel like no human being on earth could possibly know or understand your problems? Your kids have those days too. They think you as the grown-up have no idea what it is like to be little. Their sweet little pet does though! I’ve heard my son having quite the heart to heart talks with our pets. It gives them a relationship that grows with them. They will go through highs and lows together and come out the other side close and full of stories about amazing adventures they’ve been on. Whether we want to admit it or not, we end up having that kind of relationship with those sweet little guys, too.



dog, dog breed, dog like mammal, dog breed group, samoyed, You have rules in your house. You have right and wrong. You are trying to teach your child these things. It’s perfect to help cement those rules when the same rules apply to the pet. They will learn what is acceptable behavior, and what’s not. Training dogs is a lot like training kids! This also links back to companionship. They are able to learn social norms together, strengthening that bond!



dog, dog like mammal, dog breed, vertebrate, dog breed group, Alright, yeah I know that with pets comes lots of responsibility! You feel like it’s going to fall all on you. It will if you let it. Here is where you can teach your kids how to be the responsible. Those chores that come from taking care of this little critter can easily translate into how to take care of others, friends, family. It ties into empathy. When you are responsible you develop a passion and an invested interest.

Overall, if you stop and take a breath, you’d see that the benefits of having an additional member of the family are truly a great benefit to not only you (the lowered stress, the lower blood pressure), but it is such a benefit to your child. Having a companion that teaches them life lessons without them even realizing it is awesome!

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