How to Create the Ultimate Gingerbread House ...


How to Create the Ultimate Gingerbread House ...
How to Create the Ultimate Gingerbread House ...

Creating a gingerbread house with your children is one of the most popular and fun seasonal activities you could choose. Gingerbread house can be beautiful and elaborate or simple and quaint. There’s a lot of room for variety and personal expression. These’re the tips you need to create the ultimate gingerbread house with your children this holiday season.

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Ask for Your Kids’ Input

Your children will be much more interested in this project when they’re involved from the get go. Ask them what sort of gingerbread house they’d like to build and what their ideas are. It can be helpful to look at some pictures together online to see what’s popular with your children. This’s a fun project but it’s also a good experience. It helps your children learn about working together as a team.


Choose a Design

So before you can begin you have to choose a design. When you find one that everyone is pretty much in agreement with then you’re set to move on. This can be difficult as mothers of more than one child know, since children often disagree when it comes to their preferences. If you foresee that becoming an issue, limit the choices. Another idea is to let each child decorate their own small gingerbread house.


Gather Supplies

Next, a shopping trip 🏬 is in order! Make a list of the supplies you need and set off for the supermarket. It’s always a good thing if you can use candy 🍬 🍭 🍫 your family likes. It’s not fun to create a gingerbread house that’s only for looks. Nibbling on the treats can be the best part.


Pick Your Timing

This’s always a good tip but it’s especially important if you have small children. You don’t want to start this project when someone’s sick, tired, cranky, missed a nap or teething. The circumstances you need to work around are going to vary according to the ages of your children. Choose a good time such as a lazy Sunday afternoon or a snow day ❄when you can be relaxed and enjoy building your gingerbread house.


Prep for a Mess

Here’s probably what you’re dreading most. Gingerbread houses can be messy. It’s going to be a lot less stressful on you when you prep for the mess. Cover your table with a plastic tablecloth or newspapers that can simply be gathered up and thrown away afterward. Another tip is to make sure everyone’s in old clothes, especially if you’re using colored icing that stains.


Adjust Your Expectations

This’s another step that can prevent you from feeling stressed. Adjust your expectations, mom! Your gingerbread house may not look like Martha Stewart created it or like it just came out of a bakery. That’s okay! Remember that your gingerbread house becomes an ultimate gingerbread house not because of how the completed project looks but because of the fun time you had together constructing it.


Capture Your Memories

Lastly, don’t forget to capture your memories of this activity. Grab your phone and snap some pictures to share. Your children will probably be happy to pose by their gingerbread house with pride. These also make great pix to send to grandparents, who find anything their grandchildren do to be adorable. Who knows? You could even make a picture into an ornament to remember for years to come.

These’re some tips to help you create the ultimate gingerbread house. Have you made a gingerbread house with your children? Share your stories with us!

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I've never made one. Perhaps it's time I did. 

YES! DEFINITELY making a gingerbread man house My son's first Christmas Make it special and very merry hehe🎁😊

He is ten months. First time celebrating🎄🎄🎄

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