How to Keep Your Kids Safe during the Busy Holiday Season ...


How to Keep Your Kids Safe during the Busy Holiday Season ...
How to Keep Your Kids Safe during the Busy Holiday Season ...

The holidays are a magical time of year for kids, but there are certain dangers that lurk around too. There’s no worse Christmas memory than an accident or injury that could have been prevented. Keeping your kids safe this holiday season doesn’t have to take away from the joy and fun you’re used to. Use these tips to ensure that this season is as safe and festive as it can be.

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Keep the Plants out of Reach

Some plants we’re used to seeing during the holidays are poisonous and can make kids sick if they are ingested. That includes poinsettas, mistletoe and holly. Though rarely deadly, they can make your child experience symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or a rash. Keep them out of reach so you don’t have to worry about your little ones getting a hold of them.


Keep the Alcohol on the Counters

Many boozy holiday drinks look like hot chocolate or warm milk and a little one won’t be able to resist taking a swig. Alcohol poisoning can be very dangerous and it doesn’t take very much to affect little bodies. Ensure that any beverages with liquor in them are kept where the kids can’t reach them. Put out kid-friendly drinks to distract them from what they can’t have.


Check for Choking Hazards on the Tree

If it can fit through a toilet paper tube, your child could choke on it. So don’t hang any tiny ornaments on the tree. Even if they are up high, they could fall off and are just enticing enough to make a little one want to check them out. Use this rule for any of the décor you put out too so you don’t have to worry about a tragic accident happening this holiday season.


Prevent a Fire

If you have kids at home, use caution around the tree. It just takes one spark for the whole thing to go up in flames. That means never put real candles on the branches and make sure you supervise your child anytime you have candles lit elsewhere in the house. Better yet, use the flameless LED candles you can find these days. They aren’t quite the same as the real thing, but close enough. And much safer.


Cook and Bake with Caution

When you’re whipping up your holiday treats, you may get distracted because of the amount of work you’re putting in. Make sure you turn pot handles in and keep sharp knives away from your kids. When you bake Christmas cookies, make sure your kids are out of the way before you open the oven. Take the time to cut food into small pieces to prevent choking on the holiday meal.


Avoid Breakable Decorations

Not only would it be really sad to have a family heirloom get broken, but those little pieces pose a risk to your child. No one wants to spend the holidays with stitches so be sure the breakable décor is where your little ones can’t grab it or knock it over.


Use Extra Caution in the Car

When you’re traveling to the school program, grandma’s house on Christmas Eve or just about anywhere on Christmas Day, be extra vigilant about what’s going on around you. This is a time of year when inhibitions tend to lower and people drink more at parties than they do the rest of the year. Be alert and aware so that you don’t get into an accident over the holidays. The ER sees an increase in childhood injuries due to a car accident during this season so it pays to be extra careful.

How do you keep the kids safe during the holiday season?

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