4 Car Safety Tips for Parents Who Want to Be Better Drivers ...


4 Car Safety Tips for Parents Who Want to Be Better Drivers ...
4 Car Safety Tips for Parents Who Want to Be Better Drivers ...

Car safety tips for parents will keep kids safe and make drivers more confident on the road. Car rides can be fun for children of all ages. But the road can be a dangerous place. If you're not putting safety first, you may be putting your child's life at risk. No parent wants that, right?

Here are four car safety tips for parents.

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Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents, according to Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT). CMT found that in 52% of all accidents, drivers were on their phones texting, talking or browsing social media. Staying focused is one of the most important car safety tips for parents.

Driving is dangerous enough as-is, and the risk is even greater when children are in the vehicle. Put down the phone, and pay attention to the road.

Phones aren't the only distraction that can put you at risk. Eating and disciplining the children while driving can also lead to an accident.If you have to talk on the phone, pull over or wait until you reach your destination to respond. If the kids are fighting, pull over.

Nothing is more important than the safety of everyone in your vehicle and the vehicles around you.Cut out the distractions, and stay focused on driving.



Here's a startling statistic: 663 children died in car accidents in 2015, and 35% of those deaths were the result of no car seats or seat belts being used. Using an appropriate car seat reduces the risk of death for infants by 71% and for toddlers by 54%.Using the appropriate car seat is key. According to the CDC:

• Children aged 0-2 should use a rear-facing seat, provided the child does not exceed the maximum weight limit of the seat.

• Children aged 2-4 who weigh no more than 40 pounds should use a forward-facing car seat.

• Children aged 4-8 who are no taller than 4'9" should use a booster seat with a belt. At this stage, kids should still be riding in the backseat.

• Children older than 8 and/or those who are 4'9" should wear a regular seat belt (no booster seat required).

Children should use a booster seat until an adult seatbelt fits properly.The lap belt should be on the upper thighs and the belt should be on the chest, not the neck.



Children can be injured or even killed by power windows.The windows in your car can crush or fracture a child's bones with ease. They have also been known to strangle children.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says 2,000 people visit the emergency room each year for injuries caused by power windows.

Locking your windows can prevent injury or even death. Children should also be discouraged from sticking any body parts out the window, including fingers.



Going for a quick run to the store? Yes, you still have to bring your children inside, especially on hot summer days. It takes just minutes for temperatures inside the car to reach dangerous levels and cause injury or death. An estimated 38 children die in hot cars each year.

Even if you're traveling in the dead of winter, never leave your children unattended in your vehicle. You never know what kind of trouble they'll get into while you're away.

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