7 Foods That Will Power You through Your Pregnancy ...

By Eliza

7 Foods That Will Power You through Your Pregnancy  ...

Being pregnant is a wonderful time, even if it isn’t the most comfortable thing you’ll ever go through. While you are growing your new baby, it’s important to eat the right foods to help him or her grow and develop normally. The foods you eat will go to your baby, but they will also benefit you as well. Talk to your doctor about how many calories you need. In the meantime, these foods are great options for both mom and baby.

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Pour Yourself a Bowl of Cereal

meal, produce, food, dish, plant, Most kinds of cereal are fortified with nutrients that are important during pregnancy. One of the most vital is folate, a B vitamin that helps prevent neural tube birth defects. Many kinds of fortified cereals contain more than half of the folate you need during an average day so it makes a great way to start the morning. Cereal is actually a great meal anytime during your pregnancy and the milk you pour on top makes it even better for you and your baby.


Nonfat Milk is a Pretty Great Choice

food, meal, baked goods, dish, produce, Speaking of milk, pregnancy experts recommend getting plenty of it while you wait for your little one to be born. You need the calcium in milk for your own bones, but it also helps your baby’s skeleton form and harden as it should. Nonfat milk is a good bet because it doesn’t contain as much fat or as many calories as the higher fat versions. Have milk with your meals and you’re good to go.


Carry a Banana Everywhere You Go

food, yellow, corn on the cob, produce, maize, Being pregnant is exhausting and that’s why you need more potassium. In addition to regulating healthy blood pressure, potassium can also give you a quick dose of energy so you can get through the day. They’re also a great choice if you have morning sickness. Eat the banana on its own or put it into a smoothie or bowl of cereal.


Make Sure You Eat Some Chicken or Lean Beef

dish, meal, food, produce, vegetable, Meat is a rich source of iron, which your body needs more of during pregnancy. In fact, some experts say your iron needs double when you’re pregnant so eating meat is a great way to make sure you’re getting enough for you and your baby. If you don’t eat meat, talk to your doctor about how to make sure you fulfill your daily iron needs.


You Can Definitely Have Cheese

meal, food, jewellery, natural material, There are certain types of cheese to avoid during pregnancy because they can make you sick. That includes soft cheeses and those that haven’t been pasteurized. Safe types of cheese are loaded with protein, which gives your pregnant body lots of energy. It also helps load you and your baby up with calcium for healthy and strong bones.

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You Can’t Go Wrong with Eggs

meal, food, dish, breakfast, produce, Eggs are a wonderful source of protein, making them the perfect choice for energy during pregnancy. The great thing about eggs is that you can eat them morning, noon or night for a healthy meal that is easy to put together. A veggie omelet is a meal that will get you through all the tiring days of your pregnancy.


Toss an Orange into Your Bag

produce, food, plant, fruit, flowering plant, Oranges are full of vitamin C, which helps protect your immunity and may ward off illnesses like the common cold during your pregnancy. They are also packed with water, which can help keep pregnancy fatigue from getting you down. Plus, there’s also fiber in them so they will satisfy your appetite while you’re out and about.

When is your baby due? Which of these foods will you add to your grocery list?

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I consumed all these during my first pregnancy. I advised mama's to be to eat this delicious and nutritious foods!!

I advise*

Eggs are no no search it .. the protein is hard to abdorb thus forming a layer under connective tissues..

These are so accurate 😁😁😝