13 Fun Signs to Figure out if You're Having a Boy ...


13 Fun Signs to Figure out if You're Having a Boy ...
13 Fun Signs to Figure out if You're Having a Boy ...

When you're pregnant, what are the signs you are having a boy? And how accurate are they? Well, admittedly if the signs you are having a boy involve guesswork, there is a 50% chance that you will be right. Of course, the only accurate method is a scan, but some parents prefer not to know for sure until their baby arrives. So here are some possible signs you are having a boy …

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High or Low?

clothing, footwear, leather, mustard, costume, This is one of the signs you are having a boy that most people will be most familiar with. Boys are meant to be carried low. Naturally, there will be many women who can debunk this story. Frankly, there doesn't seem to be any reason why a boy should be in a lower position. It would also be very confusing to know what was what if you were expecting twins!


Pee is for Pink

person, woman, portrait photography, play, beauty, Apparently, you can tell by the colour of your urine if you're carrying a boy or a girl. I imagine, though, that most pregnant women wouldn't want to try out this method, even for fun. It's really not that inviting, is it? So you may as well just toss a coin – you've got as much chance of getting it right.


Interestingly, some old wives' tales propose that a paler shade of urine might suggest a little princess is on the way, while a darker, more concentrated yellow could predict a prince. Although there's no scientific backing to this colorful hypothesis, it's one of the many whimsical guesses that add to the pre-birth excitement. But let's face it, peering into the toilet bowl for clues is probably not the highlight of pregnancy. So, just have a giggle at the thought and remember, a balanced diet and hydration are the real influencers of your pee's palette!


Sweet and Sour

clothing, sneakers, footwear, snapshot, denim, Yet another of the alleged signs you are having a boy is that you don't have sweet cravings, but prefer savoury tastes. Presumably this comes from the rather outdated notion that girls should be sugar and spice, and all that nonsense. And what happens if you don't have any cravings at all, or no particular preference – does that mean you're having twins?


A Right Boob

clothing, little black dress, footwear, sneakers, shoe, Breast size is another, 100% foolproof method of telling the sex of your baby. Apparently, if your right breast is larger, then it's a boy. The problem with this, aside from its stupidity, is that most women have breasts of uneven size anyway. Personally, I think that if you rely on the size of your breasts to tell you that you're expecting a boy, then that's definitely a right boob.


The Key to the Mystery

clothing, blue, photograph, footwear, portrait photography, Now, this is really getting silly. This 'test' involves the simple act of picking up a key. If you pick it up by the round end, then you're expecting a son. Maybe if you want a girl, picking the key up by the narrow end will make it change sex. Hmmm. Somehow I don't think that'll work, and I can't see the connection between keys and babies anyway. Who thought up this sign you are having a boy? How did they come to this conclusion?


Ask a Child

clothing, photography, portrait photography, woodland, dress, Supposedly, one of the signs that you're having a boy can be discovered with the help of a baby girl. If she shows affection towards you, then you've got a boy on the way (and if she doesn't, then it's another girl). Presumably, the affection is because she's hoping to find a boyfriend! I wonder if, when you're expecting twin boys, a baby girl should be really affectionate!


Cold Feet

clothing, color, hair, blond, hairstyle, No, not about getting pregnant. Rumour has it that women with cold feet are more likely to have boys. For once, there appears to be some truth to this, as cold feet can be caused by bad circulation, which is more common in women who do then have boys. Quite why the mothers of boys should suffer from this problem appears to be unknown.


Chinese Birth Chart

clothing, sitting, hair, human positions, leg, The Chinese Birth Chart supposedly goes back more than 700 years and was discovered in a royal tomb. The chart determines the sex of your baby by using your age and the month that you conceived. While this isn't specific to having a boy, it can supposedly be used to determine whether or not you are having a boy.


The Chinese Birth Chart is a traditional method used to predict the sex of a baby. It is believed to have originated over 700 years ago and was discovered in a royal tomb. The chart takes into account the mother's age and the month of conception to determine the gender of the baby. While it is not scientifically proven, many people still use this chart as a fun way to guess the sex of their baby. However, it should be noted that the accuracy of this method is not guaranteed and should not be relied upon for making important decisions.


Heart Rate

person, human action, finger, hand, The next time you're at the doctor, ask them what your baby's heart rate is. Supposedly if the heart rate is under 140 beats per minute you're having a boy! While this obviously isn't 100% accurate, it's a great way to get a good idea about what you're having.


Round Belly

clothing, hair, hairstyle, dress, woman, When you're having a boy, your belly is more likely to look like you have a basketball under your shirt than if you're having a girl. There isn't really a reason for this except that it's an observation that people have made when you're having a boy. Personally I think those round bellies are super cute!


Weight Gain

clothing, person, woman, portrait photography, photography, Along with a round belly, the weight you gain when you're having a boy is usually limited to just your stomach. When you're having a girl you're more likely to gain weight all over your body, especially in your face. Baby boys don't tend to make you gain weight and that's a great way to tell what you're having!


Swing a Ring

clothing, blond, portrait photography, costume, thigh, Another old wives' tale suggests that holding a ring attached to a string above your belly can help tell you what you're having. Tie a ring (many people use their wedding rings) to a string and hold it over your belly. The ring will start to move. If the ring moves in a circular direction then you're having a baby boy!



person, woman, people, Okay, this is definitely a weird one! This method requires that you pee in a cup, which is probably something you're used to since you have to do it at the doctor all the time. After you pee in the cup, pour in a tablespoon of Draino, mix it together and watch the color change. If your pee turns blue, it's supposed to mean you're having a boy!

These signs that you're having a boy may not be very factual, but it could be a bit of fun to see if they turn out to be right. Perhaps any mums reading could tell us whether they tried any of the old methods of telling your baby's sex – especially those with larger families. Did your granny tell you any other signs that you're having a boy?

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Already i have a baby girl but I wish my 2 pregnancy to have a boy !!!!!

All I can say is I only really gained weight on my belly and all I wanted to eat was burgers...I had a boy

I've heard that thick and healthy hair means a girl and dull hair means a boy, the line on your tummy if pass your belly button it's a boy (which mine was!) and if it stops at belly button it's a girl

My hair was healthy and I had a boy

For the heart beat thing, my sister had the same heartbeat as a boy when she was in the womb, doctors were surprised when she was a girl on the ultra sound lol

Hi,i have two daughters 5 & 4years old,and i think im pregnant now,because of my cycle its not heavy red like it normally is,its slight very little pink on tissue not even on a pad nor when i urine,but last night ive urined pink so im praying for a boy now,ANY HELP,I WOULD LOVE

sir / madam  my unborn baby heart beat while scanning baby more than  140 per min... its baby boy or girl....?

This is my 3rd pregnancy and I already have 2 girls the doctor says it's too early to tell if I'm having a boy or a girl. I hope I have a boy the lower part of my back hurts and so does the bottom of my stomach

I must say I think the one about asking a child is kind of true . When I was pregnant with my daughter my younger brother was always huddled up on me , but my sister stayed as far as possible from me .

But it was different to me. My grandma said that if the woman get pregnant. Then, she like to eat meat, he must be a boy. But if she like to eat fruits, she must be a girl

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