Signs to Know if You're Ovulating for Girls Trying to Get Pregnant ...


Signs to Know if You're Ovulating for Girls Trying to Get Pregnant ...
Signs to Know if You're Ovulating for Girls Trying to Get Pregnant ...

Are you trying to get pregnant? It’s good to know what the signs of ovulation are so you can increase your chances of pregnancy. Some symptoms are more obvious than others but all of them can help you to create the sweet baby you’re longing for.

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There’s a Rise in Your Libido ⬆

There’s often a rise in your libido when you’re ovulating. Take that as nature’s hint that you’re fertile. Of course your libido can be strong at other times of the month. But if it’s especially strong around your ovulation period then you can trust there’s a good probability you’re ovulating. Take the hint nature is giving you!


Your Basal Temperature is Getting Ready to Spike

This one is kind of tricky. First of all, your basal temperature is the temperature you have first thing in the morning. It will go up right after ovulation. While that’s not very helpful, figuring out when this happens in your cycle for future reference is. Track your basal temperature for a few months to see the pattern it follows.


You Have a Cramping Sensation on One Side

There’s a specific sort of pain that can occur when you’re ovulating. It’s a cramping and sometimes sharp sensation you can have on one side or the other. It can last for a few minutes or up to a day. It’s only on one side because only one ovary releases an egg when you ovulate. If you feel this, you know your window of fertility is open.


You Could Have Breast Tenderness 😣

This one can be a bit confusing to discern. Breast tenderness can occur when your body is ovulating or it can occur in the week or so before your period. So figuring out which one is causing the breast tenderness isn’t always easy, especially if your period isn’t perfectly regular. Remembering that it could be a possible sign of ovulation may help, though.


Possible Bloating Can Occur

Some women never deal with bloating while others often do. Therefore, this’s a sign that will only be obvious to a few women. For others it may not be helpful. But if you’re a woman that rarely ever has bloating and you suddenly do mid-cycle then that may be the clue you’ve been looking for.


You Could Spot the Slightest Amount

There can be a tiny amount of spotting when you’re ovulating. It can be very tiny, as in the smallest streak of blood when you wipe. If you see this and know you should be ovulating soon then you can feel pretty confident that now’s the time to try to get pregnant. It’s true that other things can cause spotting. But trying to conceive now is a good time and increases your odds greatly.


Your Vaginal Discharge is Different

This may be the most obvious sign of all. Your vaginal discharge changes when you’re ovulating. Instead of being thick, it’ll thin out and become stickier. It’s thought that this makes it easier for the sperm to move along to reach the egg. Whatever the science of it, this’s a big sign your body is ready for conception.

These 7 signs that let you know you’re ovulating. Are you trying to get pregnant? Your comments are always welcome.

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