21 Amazing Snowmen You Should Try and Recreate with the Kids This Winter ...

By Sabrina

21 Amazing Snowmen You Should Try and Recreate with the Kids This Winter ...

What's winter time without a few fun snow days, when you have a snowball fight and build some amazing snowmen? Here are a few designs for snowmen you should try and recreate with your kids; some for the newbies to snowman making, and some for the pros!

1 Giant Cat

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If you're a cat family, a fun snowmen design to try is this giant cat! Add whiskers and a bell for a complete look!

2 Kitten

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Maybe that giant can was just a little much for you, and would have frightened your young kiddos! In that case, try to make a snow kitten!

3 Olaf

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This just wouldn't be a list of amazing snowmen without the best snowman of all—Olaf! If your son or daughter is a Frozen fan, they'll be sure to go over the moon when they see this design!

4 Classic

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Of course, you can never go wrong with a classic snowman! Three-part-body with twigs for arms and a carrot for the nose— it's a look we all know and love!

5 Topsy Turvy

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This one's sure to get some giggles! Build your snowman upside down for an original look!

6 Bird Feeder

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Why not kill two birds with one stone? Oops, that may have been a poor word choice! Anyway, you can have a charming snowman, with an indented skull filled with bird food, and attract birds at the same time!

7 1800's Snowlady

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This one is great if you have older kids with a special knack for all things artistic! I love the gorgeous grace of this vintage snow-lady, if you can recreate this, then you're a true artist!

8 Snowman Snow Angel

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Would you call this inception? One snowy hobby doing another snowy hobby? Regardless, it's adorable and clever!

9 Mailbox Mouth

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When you make this snowman, you won't have to check the mail for quite a while! Your kids will be begging you to let them do that chore!

10 Valentine

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Surprise your special someone with a valentine snowman! Crafted with love by you and your children!

11 Totoro

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If you were a fan of the Totoro movie when you were younger, this is a great piece of snow art to recreate!

12 Sandman

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Not all of us are lucky enough to have snow in the winter time! If you've been deprived snow all season, don't worry, you can always make a sandman! Just remember, this is another one that requires an artistic eye and older kids!

13 At the Park

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I love how casual this snowman looks, hanging out on the bench at a local park. And your kids will certainly love it, too!

14 Cow Boy

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Is your child a big fan of cowboy movies? If that's the case, make sure you have cowboy gear available to dress your snowman in!

15 Mini

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A mini snowman is positively adorable! The cute dog doesn't hurt either!

16 Dog

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Who says a cat has to be your snow model? If you have a dog who you want memorialized, at least until the snow melts, then make a Snow dog!

17 Hitchiker

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This snowman is sure to muster up laughs from everyone who drives down your street! Especially when it's freezing cold and everyone is wishing they were in Florida.

18 Headless

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It might be a little bit hard to balance the snowman's head on his arms, but if you can, it will be hilarious and your kids will adore it!

19 Snowbathers

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Just because you can't sit out and tan doesn't mean your backyard snow people can't!

20 Baseball Star

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This snowman can be recreated for almost any athlete! Add a socker ball, football, or karate belt to transform it into whatever your son or daughter wants!

21 Snow Family

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Get the whole family outside to finally do something together! Have each member of your family create a snow-person and soon enough you'll have a beautiful snow family!

These definitely aren't all snowmen you can build outside in ten minutes with your three year old; some are a little bit more difficult and meant to be done with your creative teenage child! No matter who works on your snowman with you, you're sure to bond and have loads of fun! Which of these designs do you want to try first? What other clever recommendations do you have for snowmen?

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