7 Fun Winter Ideas for Toddlers ...


7 Fun Winter Ideas for Toddlers ...
7 Fun Winter Ideas for Toddlers ...

When the temperatures drop and the sun starts setting early, don’t let being stuck inside get you and your kiddies down; instead, try some of these amazingly simple and amazingly fun winter ideas for toddlers. Avoid the winter doldrums by putting your creativity to work; not only will these winter ideas for toddlers put a smile on your faces, but they are a great way to spend some quality time together.

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Animals on Parade

You don’t have to go to the circus or even to the zoo to see the animals; with this winter ideas for toddlers, you and your kids can assume the role of your favorite animals. Get on your hands and knees and crawl around roaring like lions and howling like wolves, or flap your wings and pretend you are an owl or a parrot. You won’t believe the squeals of delight that will come out of your little ones, and out of you!


Build a Fort

Remember when you were a kid and you would grab a bunch of blankets and turn a few chairs into a fort? Well, chances are that your kids will like doing the same thing just as much. So, go ahead and grab out some blankets, pull out a few chairs and set up a fort. Bring in some pillows, some flashlights and some books and you and your kids can tell stories and get a sense of the great outdoors, indoors.


Cookies, Anyone?

Who doesn’t love a yummy homemade cookie, or a scrumptious ooey gooey brownie? I bet that your kids – and you – do! Pull out the ingredients for your favorite baked goods and enlist the help of your tots to help you. Even if it’s only pouring in some chocolate chips or stirring the batter, your kid will really feel as if they are participating, and, of course, they’ll love eating the end result.


Let Your Inner Picasso out

Arts and crafts are always a great go-to activity when the weather outside is frightful. Get out the crayons, paper, watercolors, paints, stickers and whatever other art supplies you have in the house and let your imagination take over. Talk about different colors and explore making new ones to squeeze in a little learning, too.



You don’t have to wait until just before bed; when you’re stuck inside, anytime can be bath time. Fill up the tub, add some bubbles and let your kids splash about a bit. They’ll be nice and squeaky clean, and it will be a twist on their regular routine.


Night (or Morning, or Afternoon) at the Movies

The old standby of a movie is always an option when you are stuck inside. However, instead of just popping it in and letting your kids watch while you do a million other things, make a big event out of it. Pop some popcorn, make some sundaes, turn off the lights and grab the best seats in the house to enjoy a movie as a family.


Hunting for Footprints

Just because it’s cold outside, it doesn’t mean that you have to stay in. Get bundled up and take your kids outside to look for some animal footprints. The snow is a great surface for spotting footprints in, and not only is this activity fun and a chance to get some fresh air, but it is also a great opportunity for learning.

There are tons of ways that you and your tots can have fun together in the winter. What are you and your kids doing to beat the winter blues?

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