Surprising Things Toddlers Can Teach Us All ...


Surprising Things Toddlers Can Teach Us All ...
Surprising Things Toddlers Can Teach Us All ...

Usually we as adults need to teach toddlers the ways of life, but there are so many things we can learn from toddlers. I’m an aunt of this amazing little girl named Chloé. She turns three on November fourth, and this girl just keeps amazing me every time I see her. This got me thinking that there are actually so many things we can learn from toddlers, so I decided to write an article about it. Please keep on reading to find out seven things we can learn from toddlers.

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Honesty is something I truly value, what good is it to not get an honest opinion? I just love how honest toddlers are. They’re not afraid to hurt your feelings so they will always give you their honest opinion. Okay, I admit they should incorporate a bit more of this honesty in situations where they’ve been naughty. But overall, want to know if those jeans make you fat? Ask your toddler instead of your husband! Honesty is one of the best things we can learn from toddlers.


No Shame

Have you ever watched a toddler play by himself? It’s just amazing to see how they get caught up in their own little world, with the characters they created for their toys. They can have endless conversations while having a tea party with their dolls. If you’d see an adult do this, they would probably have to pay a visit to a shrink. But honestly, why is that? I admit it might be an unusual hobby, but if having tea parties with toys makes you feel good, by all means go ahead and have fun. Toddlers have no shame, I dig that! I mean come on, they don’t even care that someone else wipes their cute little butts.



Something most adults have lost over time is their playfulness. You don’t have to act like a two year old, but a little playfulness can really change things for the better. I for one prefer to be in a relationship where I can run around in my undies, chasing my partner with a pillow to smack him with. As my father always told me and my sister growing up, there’s a time to play and a time to sleep. Sadly a lot of adults are stuck in their ‘time to sleep’ by which I mean they’re too serious. Crack a joke, pull a prank, lighten up and enjoy your time on this earth toddler style!



While selfishness is a negative trait, being selfish doesn’t always have to bad. For example I’ve come a long way in not putting everyone else’s needs before mine. I had to learn it’s okay to be selfish every now and then. In this case selfishness may be more of self-preservation, which is really important if you want to stay happy in your own skin. I’ve come to realize this is something a lot of adults struggle with, whereas toddlers on the other hand, not so much. The thing with babies is, they have a few simple needs which need to be met in order for them to be happy. They’ve learnt to cry if they need something and not one baby is ashamed of asking for his needs to be met. Luckily for our toddlers, they haven’t lost this special skill yet. A very valuable lesson from our little ones if you ask me.



Have you ever seen a toddler that wanted to kill a cow so he could eat it? Didn’t think so. That’s because toddlers still have compassion for other living creatures. I’ve seen this video once of a toddler not wanting to eat his dinner after his mom told him it was octopus. Maybe you know the video. This precious boy just cannot understand how we as humans can kill animals in order to eat them. We should care for them, not kill them, is what he says. His mom broke down into tears after hearing her son say these things. Things that are actually really simple, but we as adults seem to have forgotten. In an ideal world, no one would ever lose their compassion and people would stay as innocent as this boy.


Feeling Good about Yourself

Many women, and men for that matter, are feeling very self-conscious about themselves. Do I look okay? Should I lose weight? Does this dress suit me? All of these questions come from insecurity. Thank god toddlers don’t care about these things yet. My niece thinks she looks absolutely amazing in everything she wears. She is just so cute and she knows it! She is actually very tall and slim for her age, but trust me she doesn’t lose a night’s sleep over it. How wonderful would it be if adults were the same? Being confident is definitely something we can learn from toddlers if you ask me.


Laugh More Often

Life with a toddler is draining and tiring. But on the other hand it can be so funny. I have lived with my niece in the same house from the day she was born until a couple of months ago, so I’ve probably seen more of my niece than most aunts do. I am very grateful for that because we have developed a strong and loving bond. But seriously, if it’s one thing this girl has brought me, it is laughter. She is just hilarious and she reminds me how important it is to laugh and have fun. The other day in a waiting room, she was looking at this painting. She stood up and said, well, that didn’t really work out. I mean come on, she is two and a half years old, this kid is hilarious. One last example of this proud aunty. My mom and I were shopping with my niece. She was told we would get some ice cream later on. Then she started to act out a little so my mom told her we would skip the ice cream if she continued this behavior. In all seriousness, she looks at my mom and tells her, grandma what kind of silliness is that?! Chloé honey, you brighten my day and taught me the importance of laughter.

I often see children as blank canvases, which will get painted throughout life. It is our responsibility as adults to make the most beautiful painting we can. But while teaching your toddler the ways of life, please don’t forget to also let them teach you. What do you think your toddler has taught you?

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