7 Ways to Help if Your Child is Afraid of the Dark ...


There are ways to help if your child is afraid of the dark. It is an awful thing when you know your child is dealing with this. Your heart goes out to them and you just want to help. Thankfully, there are things you can do to help if your child is afraid of the dark.

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Get Them a Night Light

One thing you can do if your child is afraid of the dark is get them a night light. A night light can make the dark seem not so scary after all. It may help even more if you let your child pick their night light out. Another idea along this line is to give them a flash light to let them spotlight anything that looks scary or extra dark. This may help them drastically with their fear of the dark.


Play a Game

It is good to play this game with your child. It is all about proving to them that things are still the same when the light is off. Go with your child into their room and ask them to rearrange something. Turn the light off and back on. Helping them to realize that things are the same in the dark as in the light is a good idea.


Leave Their Door Open

Perhaps your child is only afraid of the dark because they feel closed off from their parents. You might consider leaving their door open, at least until they fall asleep. This may or may not be an option with the layout of your home. But if you can do this, it can help. Just hearing distant sounds from mom and dad watching TV or doing household chores while they drift off to sleep can make them feel calmer and more connected to you.


Find out What They Are Afraid of

There may be something specific your child is afraid of. Ask them questions to find out if this is the case. It could be that a branch tapping the window is the culprit. It could be that a stuffed animal looks scarier at night. In those situations, there are things you can do to do away with the offensive object or at least hide it till morning.


Investigate with Them

You can investigate with them. Let your child hold your hand and show you where they think something scary is. It can make them feel much better when their parent takes them seriously. Find out there is nothing to be afraid of together. This can make for more restful nights.


Make Some Monster Spray

This is a very fun idea that your child will probably love. You can make monster spray for them to spray wherever they may think monsters are lurking. It can be basic water or you can add glitter. You can make an official looking label and they may feel much braver about the dark. Just be aware that it could be overused if they find spraying for monsters fun.


Be Reassuring

This can be hard when all you want to do is collapse in your own bed at the end of the day but try to be reassuring when your child is afraid. Being afraid is a terrible feeling whether you are afraid of the dark at age five or afraid of your home being broken into at twenty-five. Remember this stage will pass. Remaining calm and reassuring can help that to happen quicker.

What steps have you taken to help your child with their fear of the dark? What was most helpful? Share your tips with other moms here.

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