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There is nothing more upsetting for a mother than an unhappy baby or child. First there are the worries, the "what am I missing" the tears, and then comes the aggravation and the need for peace and quiet. Here are seven tips that may help to make things a bit easier next time you encounter an unhappy little one!

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Get Moving!

It's common knowledge that movement is a great way to calm a fussy infant. They love the motion of you rocking them, or bouncing them as you hold them close. This need for movement does not necessarily leave just because that baby is now two years old. Many times, I have found that when my little one is fussy, all I have to do is hold him in my arms and twirl around the room, as if we're dancing! In seconds, he goes from sobs and tears to smiles and giggles.


Soak Them in Lavender

Not really! In truth, though, many mothers swear by the Lavender bubble bath and body wash for babies. Finish it with a good lotion down using lavender lotion, and you should have a much calmer baby!



Children love to hear their mother's voice from the time they're born - well, actually even before they're born! Your voice is soothing to them, because they trust you and knowing you're there makes them feel better. Try singing fun bouncy songs when you just want their mood to brighten, and when you're trying to get them to sleep, stick to the well-worn lullabies that have been used for years!


Give Them Something with Your Scent

Some babies love the scent of their mother, so it's good to let them sleep with something that has been close to you. For others, the scent of their father seems to do the trick. Either way, allow them to cuddle something close with a parent's scent. One mother said her daughter got a hold of her daddy's satin boxer shorts one night, and they've become her new "blankie."



We women know the importance of good cuddling! After all, we would be pretty unhappy if our hubbies never cuddles, wouldn't we? Children are the same way. Sometimes, they are simply unhappy because they want us to cuddle them close and hold them. Unfortunately, we tend to be too busy to take the time they really need to cuddle them. Take the time - make the time to cuddle your child. They won't be little long!


Ignore Pouting

If you have an older child who delights in stating his opinion via pouting, just ignore him. The more you make a big deal about it, and act as if it's something worth noticing, the more he is going to do it. Instead, pay no attention to him until he has changed his mood and is willing to talk about the issues he has.


Create "Complaining Time"

One therapist, James Lehman, says that establishing a set time in the day to complain will cut down the times in a day when you have to deal with an exceptionally whiny child. He says to give them, say 10 minutes every day, in which they can whine and complain about things they don't like. At the end of the 10 minutes - and not a second more - conversation is over and you go your separate ways. Be sure, though, to take into consideration what they are complaining about. Some things may very well be legit.

How do you deal with a grumpy, unhappy little one?

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