7 Reasons to Monitor Your Teen's Internet Usage ...


7 Reasons to Monitor Your Teen's Internet Usage ...
7 Reasons to Monitor Your Teen's Internet Usage ...

I have found that while many parents don’t have any problems monitoring the internet usage of their young children, they are uneasy about doing so when it comes to teens. While it is true that teens need some privacy and space, there are some very compelling reasons to monitor your teen’s internet usage.

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Safety from Online Predators

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Online predators assume fake identities to make friends with teens and lure them into sharing their personal information and even into meeting them in person. Danger in such situation is obvious and must be avoided at all costs. Your teen may trust his or her online friend, but you can exercise precaution.


Safety from Inappropriate Content

The internet makes it very easy to access any and all kinds of information. However, a lot of information is not meant for teenage viewing, for instance, pornography and violence. One of the best reasons to monitor your teen’s internet usage is to ensure that they do not get to access such information.


Prevention of Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is a crime increasing in its severity and frequency. It can have disastrous results and some teens have even been driven to the point of suicide. To prevent your teen from becoming a victim of cyber bullying is one of the best reasons to monitor your teen’s internet usage.


Sharing Personal Information

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Teens can be far more trusting than adults. They are more likely to end up sharing personal information that is best kept secret, like your telephone number or your house address. Such information can easily be misused by someone with malicious intent.


Long Term Repercussions

Most teens are simply not aware of the long term repercussions that online actions may have. They may not realize that photos and comments posted by them can be seen by potential colleges and companies before they are accepted. They could damage their long term prospects by being indiscreet.


Monitor Offline Activities

Most teens will not divulge their offline activities to their parents, especially if they think that their parents will disapprove. But, they have no qualms about sharing information about smoking, doing drugs or having sex with their online buddies. These activities can do long term harm to your teen’s life and monitoring them is one of the reasons to monitor your teen’s internet usage, as long as you do it unobtrusively.


Preventing Web Addiction

Web addiction is a growing phenomena and it typically starts in teenage years. It is important that your teen uses the internet responsibly and does not become addicted to web communication alone. You can only detect the early signs of addiction if you monitor your teen’s internet usage.

Most of the reasons to monitor your teen’s internet usage have to do with keeping them safe from the many dangers that lurk online. However, it is important that you do not interfere with your teen’s online life unless you have a very strong reason to do so. It will only result in your teens feeling resentful and distrustful towards you.

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