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Children need toys for mental and physical stimulation. They also need toys to stay active and busy. A good way to ensure your child gets the most out of his or her toys is to pick up educational toys. Here are 10 educational toys for your 3 year-old.

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Building Toys

Building toys like Lego’s or blocks are an excellent way to get your 3 year-old to develop his reasoning skills as well as to get him to stick to a task. As your child gets older he will need more complex building toys but start with simple ones and then progress.


Art Related Materials

Art related toys and materials develop your child’s creativity and also help them understand how colors work together. Setting aside art time every day is an excellent way to stimulate his creativity.


Role Playing Props

Toys like play kitchens, play tea sets and play tool-kits help your child to develop his or her language skills and build their imagination. They love watching you go about your day and imitating you helps them learn.


Games Involving Matching and Counting

These games are useful to teach your how to take turns and play with other children. Involving matching and counting also helps them learn about colors and numbers.


Sports Toys

Sports toys help children to exercise their muscles, teach them hand eye coordination and play in teams. Encouraging your child with the help of a bat and ball, racket or even toy golf set can build these sensibilities.



Puzzles help develop logical reasoning and analytical skills within your little toddler’s mind. It also helps him to develop his patience as he tries to figure out how the puzzle is expected to turn out.


Play Dough

Play Dough is an excellent way to get your child to work with his hands and build his creativity simultaneously. Using different colors of play dough also works well to develop your child’s understanding of how colors work together.


Doodle Pro

Doodle pros are a non-messy way of getting your child to draw and create his own masterpieces. A simple shift of the lever will remove the picture so that the child can get started on his next drawing.


Alphabet Magnets

As your child gets older he will need to get more familiar with letters and numbers. Using magnetic alphabets and numbers along with a magnetic board is an excellent way to help him familiarize himself with these symbols and later frame words.



Introducing stackers from an early age helps your child develop his logical reasoning ability and imagination. It also teaches him how to stay focused on one task and helps him to transition from an impatient 2 year-old to a tolerant 3 year-old.

Introducing quality educational toys into your child’s world is an excellent way to get your child to learn as they play. While it is tempting to get them their favorite car or soft toy, going for a toy, which will help stimulate their minds or bodies, will be a decision you will never regret.

Top image source: kidsrooms.co.uk

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