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32 Engaging Baby Toys Your Little One Will Love ...

By Eliza

As soon as you find out you're going to be a mom, you start choosing baby toys. At least you do if you're anything like me. Picking out playthings for your baby is fun and gives you some great ways to interact with your new little bundle of joy. In addition to the enjoyment factor, toys are a wonderful way to promote many areas of development, including fine motor skills and creativity. Check out all these great baby toys and be ready to increase your supply.

1 Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey Via How to Make Cute Sock ...
Childhood wouldn't be complete without a sock monkey, whether you make it or buy it. It really is one of the best baby toys you'll ever find.

2 Crib Gym

Crib Gym Via Items similar to baby crib ...
This toy offers lots of fun for your baby. Just be sure to take it out when he's sleeping for safety.

3 Floor Mat

Floor Mat Via {Best} Baby Toys for Baby ...
A cute floor mat toy like one keeps your baby entertained while you cook or go to the bathroom.

4 Latch Board

Latch Board Via Last Minute Homemade Present: A ...
Making a latch board is super easy and gives your baby hours of fun.

5 Crinkle Turtle

Crinkle Turtle Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Babies love toys that make crinkly sounds, which makes these adorable little turtles the perfect choice.

Jodi Is there a pattern for crinkle turtle??...

6 Adorable Jellyfish

Adorable Jellyfish Via DIY: 12 Simple (Free Tutorials!) ...
Babies love soft toys, which makes this cute jellyfish one of the best choices you'll find. Isn't he cute?

7 Classic Toys

Classic Toys Via How to Clean Baby Toys ...
What baby hasn't had one of these? For good reason - this toy promotes loads of developmental skills in addition to being fun to play with.

8 Recycled Materials

Recycled Materials Via How to Reuse (& Do ...
Don't throw away all that stuff. You can quickly and easily make a fun toy like this one for your kids to play with.

9 Plantable Felt Garden Box

Plantable Felt Garden Box Via Cool DIY Plantable Felt Garden ...
Inspire a love of gardening by giving your kids a fun way to grow their own pretend veggies.

10 Big and Soft

Big and Soft Via We Lived Happily Ever After: ...
A big, soft, lovable friend gives your baby a fun thing to play with.

Marlene so cute…do you have a pattern for this adorable di...

11 Water Toys

Water Toys Via Favorite Bath Toy Ever of ...
Most babies love to play in the tub, so tossing in some water toys takes things to a whole new level.

12 Sensory Bags

Sensory Bags Via The Ultimate List of Baby ...
You can buy these or make them, but either way, your little one will absolutely love playing with a sensory mat.

13 Baby Shower

Baby Shower Via Doccia a prova di bambino. ...
A baby sized shower is just the thing to make getting clean a fun activity for your baby.

14 Rainbow Rocker

Rainbow Rocker Via DIY Rainbow Rocker - Ramblings ...
I wish they had these when I was a baby. A multi purpose toy is great for kids.

15 Wooden Stacker

Wooden Stacker Via Kids Crafts - Fun Crafts ...
Stacking and sorting is an important early math skill for kids and this toy makes it fun to foster those skills.

16 Fabric Ring Stacker

Fabric Ring Stacker Via DIY: 12 Simple (Free Tutorials!) ...
Plastic stackers are fun, but fabric ones are softer and you can even make them yourself out of fun fabric crafts.

17 Teddy Bear Rattle

Teddy Bear Rattle Via 10 Gorgeous Free Crochet Toys ...
What could be a better toy than a cute little rattle like this one?

18 Tag Toys

Tag Toys Via Fleece Baby Toys - May ...
Babies love these tag toys! They give them lots of fun, engaging activities and all sorts of fun colors.

19 Simple and Colorful

Simple and Colorful Via 15 toys for baby's first ...
This toy might not look like much, but it sure is fun for your baby!

20 Wooden Activity Cube

Wooden Activity Cube Via Holiday Gift Guide: 30 Best ...
My boys had one of these and they loved every second of playing with it. Doesn't it look like fun?

21 Wooden Beads

Wooden Beads Via Nerd and Healthnut: Make Your ...
This simple toy might look boring to you, but you can be sure that your little one is going to love playing with it.

22 Happy Cloud

Happy Cloud Via Hello, ReFabulous!: Happy Cloud Baby ...
How could a baby not want to play with this? How much more adorable could a toy be?

23 Balancing Blocks

Balancing Blocks Via Urban Outfitters
Your baby is going to love the challenge of getting these blocks to stand on one another.

24 Mini Fruit Friends

Mini Fruit Friends Via Toy Sewing Pattern - Kawaii ...
You could make these if you know how to sew, but you can easily find adorable sets like this to keep your baby engaged.

25 Soft Balls

Soft Balls Via 50 amazing craft blogs you ...
A nice, soft ball like this one encourages your baby to get active and have some fun.

26 Airplane Swing

Airplane Swing Via 23 DIY Projects That Will ...
Who wants a boring old standard baby swing, when you can have this great airplane one?

27 Fisher-Price Superstar Step N Play Piano

Fisher-Price Superstar Step N Play Piano Via Target
This awesome toy has so much to do that there is no way your baby is ever going to get bored with it.

28 Baby Einstein 2-in-1 Safari Adventure Gym and Tunnel

Baby Einstein 2-in-1 Safari Adventure Gym and Tunnel Via Baby Einstein 2-in-1 Safari ...
Parents love Baby Einstein and this toy is fun for everyone!

29 Lots of Color

Lots of Color Via 15 toys for baby's first ...
Babies love bright colors and this toy fosters that love by having every shade of the rainbow.

30 Crocheted Giraffe

Crocheted Giraffe Via I Love Buttons By Emma: ...
This adorable giraffe friend is sure to please any baby.

31 Birds Stacking Toys

Birds Stacking Toys Via 14 Great Educational Baby Toys
If your baby loves to stack toys, this cute bird toy is one to add to your collection.

32 Hanging Toys

Hanging Toys Via bare feet and a free ...
Babies who can't sit up yet love having hanging toys to grab and reach for.

What are your baby's favorite toys? My kids certainly had their favorites. Would you buy any of the toys on this list?

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