Top 10 Things Children May Not like ...


Top 10 Things Children May Not like ...
Top 10 Things Children May Not like ...

I just did a blog full of 30 thins that children love and figured I would do an opposite one. Although, I cannot come up with 30 things they hate – not as easy as I could come up with 30 things they like. So, instead, I am going to give you the top 10 things children may not like.

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Their Letters Being Read by Their Parents

Many children do not like to have their letters, especially letters from their boyfriend or girlfriend read by their parents. I can understand this one as I was that type of kid too.


Embarrassing Mommy and Daddy

Kids do not like to have a mommy and daddy that embarrasses them. It's funny, because something we find normal, a little one will find embarrassing. You know, like hugging the child in front of their friends.



Oh yes, "you got cooties!" Kids seem to hate cooties (whatever that is). I know, I know – I was there too – not that long ago, actually.


Brussels Sprouts

Hey, my daughter denies this one! She surprises me, because she actually loves Brussels sprouts – it is one of her favorite things.


The Dentist

When I was a child, I absolutely hated going to the dentist. I still hate it. I have been told that I have a phobia of them and yes, I will admit, I do.



Children will run when they hear this word, so I won't even mention it. However, my daughter is different. What is weird is she will REMIND me that she has not taken her medicine. She's a good girl for taking her medicine like she is supposed to.


Being Bullied

Children who get bullied do not like it. Of course they don't – how could they?


Chicken Pox

I remember when my little girl had chicken pox last year – she missed a whole week of school. She did not like how those things were on her skin – she didn't like the fact that they itched either, but she seemed to like the pink stuff I put on them.



Children do not like arguments. They especially do not like to watch arguments between two adults and to be honest with you, you should try to avoid arguing around them.


Divorced Parents

It is so sad when you see a child who has divorced parents. Children do not enjoy having divorced parents and even worse, they do not enjoy seeing their mommy or daddy with someone else, other than their mommy or daddy. Some kids have to stay with their mommy during the week day, then their daddy during the weekend and during the holidays, things get so confusing! Kids should not have to go through this type of stuff, but sadly, many of them get wrapped up right between these parents.

There you have the top 10 things children may not like in my opinion. Of course, each child is different. What does your child dislike?

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