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7 Clean Cartoons That Your 5 Year Old Can Watch ...

By Mercy

While cartoons were historically intended for young minds, many cartoons today are not for children. Shows like The Simpsons, South Park and Beavis and Butthead are for mature audiences and permitting your children to watch these is as bad is letting them watch ‘R’ rated movies. Fortunately there are a number of clean cartoons available on TV and here are some that your 5 year old can watch.

1 The Flintstones

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This endearing comedy about families living in the Stone Age has endured the test of time with generations of young viewers appreciating the trials and tribulations of Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble along with their long suffering wives Wilma and Penny. The humor is clean and harmless without any references to adult context or inappropriate behavior making it one of the more popular choices for young children.

2 Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo, the adventures of a group of young investigators looking to unearth supernatural phenomena is another wonderful option for young minds. The main characters are the dog Scooby and his owner Shaggy who have the weakest nerves but the rest of the characters all work cohesively to expose scams thereby teaching young minds that there is no such thing as ghosts and monsters.

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3 Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry has been around for decades and probably will continue to remain popular for generations to come. The plot always concerns Tom, the cat who perpetually tries to catch Jerry the mouse. The show usually contains chase sequences that are always entertaining for young minds.

4 Pokémon

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Pokemon is a series containing a number of Japanese originated pocket monsters that have a series of adventures in their native lands. Each of the characters has developed a fan following with scores of children everywhere rushing to obtain their favorite action figures. The themes are harmless and non-controversial making it an excellent choice for young children.

5 Bob the Builder

Bob the Builder is an engaging cartoon surrounding the activities of Bob, a building contractor and his gang who are constantly at work helping others with their renovations and repairs. The show has originated in Britain and teaches young minds the importance of problem solving and helping others.

6 Budgie the Little Helicopter

Budgie is a cartoon surrounding an animated helicopter and his friends, all living and working at the Harefield Airfield. It was originally created by Sarah Ferguson as a series of children’s books and was later converted into a cartoon. The show follows the harmless adventures of Budgie, Pippa and the rest of the gang as they work on their duties and get into trouble on the way.

7 Babar

Babar is the story of an animated elephant that lives in the land of Celesteville. The plot surrounds the different challenges he faces and how he overcomes them by remaining positive and strong. It teaches young minds the importance of fighting against adversity and staying true to one’s goals and priorities.

Cartoons can teach young children a variety of subjects and if you choose the appropriate ones, you can be sure they will pick up some important lessons. The 7 cartoons mentioned here are all respected and appreciated and have provided countless hours of entertainment to young minds the world over.

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