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Have you been looking for some ways to help kids enjoy brushing their teeth? If so, you're not alone. Most parents struggle to get their children to brush when they are young. Some kids will even get upset or cry when it's time to brush. This can be very frustrating for parents. Luckily, there are some ways to help kids enjoy brushing their teeth. I hope these 7 tips work for you.

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Let Them Choose Their Own Toothbrush

One of the best ways to help kids enjoy brushing their teeth is to let them choose their own toothbrush. Most drugstores sell several different kinds of kids' toothbrushes. Just be sure to pick one that is the right size for their teeth. You could also let them pick out their own toothpaste.


Bring a Friend

Does your child have a favorite toy? If so, let them bring it into the bathroom when it's time for them to brush their teeth. Some young children don't like to brush their teeth because they are a bit afraid. Having their favorite toy around can make them feel more comfortable.


Set a Good Example

If you want your kids to enjoy brushing their teeth it's important to set a good example for them. Allowing them to see you brush your teeth on a regular basis will show them how important it is. You may even want to brush while they do. This gives them a chance to imitate you. They will also see that brushing can be fun. Speaking positively about brushing and going to the dentist is a good idea too.


Sing a Song

Singing songs with your children while they brush their teeth can make it more fun. Songs like “I've Been Brushing” or “Got My Toothbrush” are just two of the many great songs that you can sing together. Websites like YouTube have many other great songs to choose from. If your child has a favorite song, they may also enjoy singing that song too.


Stick to a Routine

Does your child have a morning and bedtime routine? If so, add brushing their teeth to that list. If your child doesn't already have certain times of the day that they brush their teeth, a routine can take some getting used to. But if you're consistent and stick to a routine, brushing will become a habit.


Compliment Them

When your child is learning to brush their teeth, it's important to remember that you may have setbacks. There may be days when your child is eager to brush their teeth and days when they cry because they don't want to brush. However, when they have good days, it's a good idea to compliment them. Tell them how proud you are of them for brushing their teeth. Some parents even use a reward chart to encourage their kids to brush.


Read Books with Them

Do you like to read with your little one? There are tons of great books that can inspire children to brush their teeth. You child may enjoy titles like “ Brush Your Teeth Please” or “The Tooth Book.” If your child has a favorite character like Dora or Elmo, be sure to look for books about brushing that feature those characters, too.

Getting your children to brush their teeth when they don't want to can be frustrating. Have you ever found yourself in this situation? How did you handle it?

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There are some great teeth brushing apps for kids :)

My brother is 23 and still doesn't know how to/why/have interest in brushing his teeth. Maybe I should try some of these methods with him!

Good article on kids teeth brushing. A fun-looking toothbrush will automatically encourage kids to brush. There are lots of brightly coloured cartoon character brushes to choose from in the shops. Kids are attracted more too vibrant colours and will relish the prospect of cleaning their teeth if their toothbrush is bold and bright.

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