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Are you trying to find ways to connect with your teenager? I understand completely, being in the middle of parenting a houseful of teens. I would love to share what I have found that works. These are some ways to connect with your teenager that will work and that they will appreciate.

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Get in Their World

One of the best ways to connect with your teenager is to get in their world. Be interested in them and what they are into. Do they love sports, music, fashion or something totally different altogether? Whatever it is, show that you care about their interest. You can cheer them on and encourage them, which is a great way to connect.


Send a Text

Okay, fellow moms, here’s the deal. Our teenagers are in a totally different world than the one we grew up in. Technology is a big deal in their world. It is how they communicate with one another. And they would probably enjoy communicating with you this way too. Send them a text or use another form of technology to reach out to them, such as an email, a Snapchat or try out FaceTime.


Do Something Together

Although our kids are living in a world that has changed a lot since we were teens, one thing hasn’t changed. Teenagers still like doing things with their parents if it is an activity they enjoy. Most girls won’t turn down a shopping trip. Most guys are happy to go out for pizza with their parents. These little outings can pack in a lot of connecting.


Take a Road Trip

Road trips are fun and a great way to connect with your teenager. You can’t really help but connect when you are in such a small space together for an extended amount of time. I have found that the car is a place where my teenagers seem to really open up. You may find the same thing with yours. This is a good thing and very worth the time and expense of a road trip.


Laugh Together

Laughing is a great way to connect with anyone. You instantly feel connected when you both find something funny. Something that will really help you out here is that most teenagers are very funny. They finally understand humor and enjoy being entertaining. Laughing together helps them to realize that mom really can be fun after all.



It is so important to listen when your teenager wants to talk. They may not pick the most convenient times for a heart to heart but you have to take what you can get. You need to be ready to listen when they want to open up. Teaching them that you are always there for them is something that will pay off. You are setting your relationship up for a very bright future.


Be There

Lastly, just be there for your teen. Let them know you have got their back. Be there when they need support. Show up at the big events in their life. They will realize the depth of your love for them and this will help you to have a great connection.

It takes some effort to connect with your teen but it can be done. How do you connect with your teen? I would love to hear your ideas.

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say that*

I love the road trips my mom and I used to take.

Share a hobby with your teen. My 18 year old son and I, along with my hubby, have been doing taekwondo together for two years. We have a lot of fun together and bond over it.

@currraline lucky you... I wish I could say about me and my mom's relationship....

I'm 15 and my mom and I have the best relationship ever!

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