9 Reasons You Should Babysit ...


9 Reasons You Should Babysit ...
9 Reasons You Should Babysit ...

Even though it may seem like a job for your middle school days, there are many reasons you should babysit. Watching little guys has a great way of bringing you back to the simple things and warming your heart. Though it’s probably less cash per hour than you’re used in your regular job, you’ll be surprised at the many benefits it still has to offer. So, as long as you like kids, next time a friend or neighbor asks you to sit for a bit, rethink it! Read on for 9 reasons you should babysit.

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One of the first reasons you should babysit is for the joy it can bring. Kids of all ages bring back a type of childhood joy that you really can’t remember unless you’re around kids again. Just showing you toys, eating lunch or doing something right brings a huge smile across their face. That joy is easily picked up! You’ll see - watching little ones is a huge relief from the adult day-to-day stuff!



Children have such a simple life, schedule and routine. I like babysitting because it reminds me of the simplicity in life. Having a slight routine - like warm milk and stories before bedtime - is so sweet yet so important. You’ll be reminded of the simple habits you had as a kid, and the simple things you can make sure to still integrate into your life. If you’re anything like me, you sometimes become so busy in your adult lives without kids, that you may forget about these routines and activities that go a long way in taking care of your overall well being!



Playing with kids rekindles your imagination! Whether coloring, drawing or just playing make-believe, your imagination will definitely get a workout! I always feel invigorated and inspired after hanging out with little ones. Give it a try! When you do babysit and watch them, don’t just turn on the TV. Try to make it fun! Be talkative, and the kids will learn from you. (Their funny replies and thoughtful comments will also teach you!) Work your imagination - and remember how freeing it feels to think like a kid again!



Watching little kids is sure to be fun! Take a break from your grown-up friends and responsibilities and just have some fun! Just playing ball or playing with toys again is sure to be fun here and there. You’ll get to laugh freely with little people who think that funny noises are hilarious and that your age is old, old, old! Don’t be afraid to get a little messy or feel like you have to pick up every single puzzle piece before moving on the next activity. Like kids, you shouldn’t even worry about the cleanup or mess you'll have afterwards until playtime is over and clean-up time is on!



Kids - especially younger kids - are bustling bees of activity! I love babysitting because it reminds me of the simple transition from one activity to the next. It’s great remembering how to focus on one thing - say, building a fire truck out of blocks - before moving on to the next. As the babysitter, transitioning the day from playtime to lunchtime to clean-up time, I feel like babysitting resets my clock! I again remember how much you can get done in a day if you focus on your schedule - and how multi-tasking too much can sometimes put you a step back.



Like a pet, though even more important, watching kids reminds you how to care for and nurture one another. I love making friends with the little guys I babysit, while knowing full well that it’s not a balanced relationship at all. I am caring for them, and they’re just having fun! Nurturing other human beings or animals is an important aspect to happiness and a content life. Unlike adults, kids aren't usually looking for a hidden return or agenda - they're just having fun playing!



Some kids are so appreciative of every little thing! Babysitting reminds you of another type of love in life: care and friendship. Little guys can tell when their parents leave you that you’re taking on a loving role to care for them, feed them and help them tie their shoes. When you babysit, you remember this love you had for adults as a child. It’s a beautiful, calming thing. I like babysitting because even though it can be hectic and crazy when the kids get rowdy, it’s also peaceful. This kind of love is so rare in the adult day-to-day world. Not to mention, kids are completely honest! Boy oh boy, if only that could carry on into adulthood!



Babysitting is a huge responsibility! It’s important to take on different responsibilities. You may be used to time clocks, deadlines or email responses, but being in control of another person’s life is a whole other type of responsibility. It’ll give you a new sense of accomplishment each time you teach the little ones something new, make them laugh or feed them dinner. It’s a very basic sense of accomplishment - and great practice if you’re planning on having kids of your own!



Helping your friends or neighbors with kids is a great thing to do. If you don’t have kids yet, you don’t even realize the 24/7 aspect of their job - and relieving them here and there is a great help! You’ll get your own sense of return, and they’ll feel great knowing they have someone they can trust to watch over their mini-mes now and then.

So give babysitting a try again next time it’s offered to you! It may not be much money, but you’ll get a lot in return! Why else do you like to babysit?

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I'm a nanny for two little boys, and I think this post is so accurate. I can't explain the joy I feel just because of little things they do like giving me kisses, putting their plates in the sink, going peepee in the big boy potty... It really is such a heart-warming thing.

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