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7 Reasons Your Son Should Be a Boy Scout ...

By Eliza

I have three boys so finding out they could be a Boy Scout through school was awesome! Two are currently Cub Scouts, with my youngest being ready to get started in a couple of years. If you’re wondering what the value of being a Boy Scout is, get ready because I’m going to sell you on it.

1 It’s Fun

For little boys, the fun factor of being a Boy Scout is probably the most alluring for them. During meetings the boys get to do so many fun things that I’d need pages and pages to list them all. Launching rockets, building pinewood derby cars, whittling, identifying trees and plants, hiking and fishing are just a few. They also get to go bowling, visit the police and fire stations, check out museums, go camping and collect rocks. Really, with that short list, what boy wouldn’t want to join?

2 They Learn Things

The above list is likely to sound super fun to any little boy, but while they’re enjoying themselves, they also get to learn. Over the years, your son will learn to carve wood, pitch a tent, handle an emergency, recognize flora and fauna and work as a team with the other scouts. He’ll also learn devotion to his country, God and his fellow scouts and leaders. He might not know he’s learning all this stuff, but you sure will!


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3 They Earn Rewards

Boy Scouts is all about rewarding young men for their talents and efforts. Each different level of scouts outlines the activities and projects that must be done. After the boys put in all the work to achieve those goals, they’re rewarded with patches, pins and belt loops that allow them to show off what they’ve learned and done. There’s also the opportunity to win knives, camping gear and other fun stuff by selling popcorn as part of the yearly fundraiser.

4 It Builds Self-Esteem

All those rewards look awesome on the uniform, but their benefits go much deeper. By earning all those items, a boy experiences self-confidence and a boost to his own self worth. No matter how he’s doing at school or his abilities at team sports, earning patches, pins and belt loops is a way he can show off his talents and be recognized for them too. Through Boy Scouts, your son is able to realize that he is good at things.

5 They Make New Friends

What could possibly be better than hanging out with other boys and doing boy things together? Scouts is the perfect opportunity for young boys to make new friends who are interested in the same things. It gives your son a built-in opportunity to spend time with kids his own age doing things they both love. Whether your son signs up through school or in the community, he will definitely make friendships that will shape his life and might even last for years to come.

6 It Builds Responsibility

In Scouts, boys are required to be accountable to themselves. That means they learn to act responsibly toward leaders and one another. They also learn to responsibly use pocketknives, BB guns and other items most boys don’t get to play with. They learn to be on time, support one another and complete skills in an appropriate time frame. Through Scouts, young boys can transfer that responsibility to other aspects of life, including chores at home and schoolwork.

7 Produces Future Opportunities

During his time in Scouts, your son is likely to get special treatment at certain sporting events and through discounts for special events in town. Once a boy completes his Eagle Scout, which is the top award, he gains access to college scholarships and can put it on his resume for his job search.

Did you realize that Boy Scouts was so awesome? My kids love it and I foresee years and years of Scouting in my future.

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