8 Reasons Why I Love Being a Mom ...


8 Reasons Why I Love Being a Mom ...
8 Reasons Why I Love Being a Mom ...

Becoming a parent is one of those experiences that none of us ever really understand until we’re going through it. We think we know what’s coming our way but nothing prepares us for the overwhelming emotions that grab us when our little babies are born. Here are 8 reasons why I love being a mom.

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My Child Brings Me so Much Joy

The number one reason is the happiness my son brings to my life. His big goofy grin whenever he sees his favorite toy or his infectious laughter when something amuses him both give me some amazing natural highs. Even watching him sleep peacefully is such a happy sight.


The Privilege of Intimately Sharing Another Person’s Life

There is no other occasion in which you get to intimately share another person’s life as you do with your child. From the time he is born, you have the privilege to watch him grow and learn. You are part of so many of his first successes and countless more failed attempts as he goes through the early years of his life.


The Opportunity to Influence Someone in a Positive Way

A child presents you with the opportunity to influence another person’s life in a positive way. Teaching him or her about what is right and what is wrong among other important life lessons is our duty, obligation and privilege as parents.


It’s the One Role No One Can Take from Me

One of main reasons I love being a mom is that it is the one role that no one can take from me. No one else can be my son’s mother, I knew him from before he was born. Other strong maternal influences may exist in his life, but I will always be his mother.


Caring and Nurturing Makes Me a Better Person

Raising a child makes you a better person. Firstly you find yourself having more patience than you ever imagined you had and as you care for and nurture this little person in your life, you find yourself becoming a happier and more contented person.


Kids Say the Funniest Things

No amount of comedic shows can give you the kind of laughs that a toddler can. Most recently my two year old son looked in the mirror and said – “Momma am I looking fat?’ It was absolutely priceless. This was a question I was always asking my husband and here my little monster was dishing it back to me.


Watching My Husband Be a Dad

Another reason why I love being a mom is observing and enjoying my husband being a dad. The care, tenderness and loving attention he shows to my son is a treat for me to watch.


The Heartfelt ‘I’m Sorry’s’

There is nothing more genuine that the ‘I’m sorry’ of a little toddler. He is truly and deeply sorry whenever he does something wrong and after a few heartfelt tears and a hug from his mama, he’s all better.

I love being a mom for so many reasons but these are the ones that really stand out in my head. There are so many treats and pleasures associated with this stage of life that one can only imagine the list is endless.

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